Staffing Committee

ACS Sub Committee Report

December 2005

The employer has provided the ACS Evaluation Training to UTE and CEUDA participants.  The English training was held Nov 7-9 with Linda Cassidy, Kent MacDonald, Madonna Gardiner and Lina Ruel in attendance.  Sister Abbott and Brother O’Brien were unable to attend the training but the applicable materials will be shared with then.  The French Session was held Nov 15-17 and the remaining Labour Relations Officers, Pierre Mulvihill, Michele Tranchemontagne and Lyson Paquette, along with Brother Normand Pelletier participated in this training session.  The session was a combination of an overview of the Job Description writing course and then the evaluation training.

The employer has held one conference call, Oct 6th and one meeting November 10th.

The union has received at least one name from each local for the facilitators for the SP101 training sessions and the additional names are now starting to be received from locals with in excess of 300 members.  There has been a delay in the roll out of this course.  The employer anticipated being able to train the facilitators in early December with a rollout for employees beginning in mid December.  The employer has now advised that the training sessions for the facilitators will not happen prior to mid to end of January 2006.

The Union has reviewed the revised standard and has provided our comments to the employer.

The employer has not yet begun sending the union the draft job descriptions as the writing is not going as well as the employer had hoped.  We expect to start receiving the first round of job descriptions by mid December.

Brother MacDonald and myself will continue to keep Council and the locals informed as information becomes available.  In addition, the employer will also be providing us with the Regional Briefing Notes from the conference calls with the ACS Coordinators and this information will be shared with Council.

In Solidarity

Linda Cassidy