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MARCH 2006

Linda Cassidy  Item 11(a)

Our committee met Jan 9-13th, 2006.  That was the final meeting
for Brother Normand Pelletier as he is leaving UTE and going to work for
the PSAC. We would like to thank Brother Pelletier for the work that he
did and to wish him all the best in this new endeavor.

The minutes of the meeting were distributed to council and the locals.

The committee is scheduled to meet April 9-13th where we will establish
procedures for the review of the ACS Job Descriptions review the descriptions
and discuss the outstanding items.


Work Description Review

F & A Work Descriptions

Specified Period Employees

Agency Staffing and Recourse

PQP’s and changes to the process


Performance Management System

Access to Personnel Files

FI Education Standard

Revenue Collections Integrated Enforcement Teams

Observe and Attest

Updates of recent meetings.

I attended a meeting with Lyson Gauvin and Darrell Mahoney, where they
wished to discuss the recommendations from the CBHRMAC (Competency Based
Human Resource Management Advisory Committee) and the related submission
from PIPSC. Sister Bannon also attended.  This meeting was held on
March 3, 2006 and focused entirely on the submission from PIPSC and soliciting
UTE’s input on their (PIPSC) recommendations.  Decks will be
distributed after this meeting.

On Jan 23rd Brother O’Brien and I attended a meeting with Compliance
Branch on the harmonized audit ranges.  A summary of that meeting
was distributed to council as per our agreement.

There has not been a follow up meeting scheduled regarding Revenue Collections
nor the Term Committee.  I expect we will be meeting with the employer
over the next few weeks on both of these.

Finally the committee will be continuing to continue the work on the Performance
Management System and the changes being implemented by the employer.  Our
position is very clear any evaluation on a form other that that prescribed
by the employer and following along with Article 58 of the Collective Agreement
should be grieved. 


Respectfully submitted,

Linda Cassidy,

Chairperson of the Committee

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