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June 2006

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June 2006

The meeting of April 5th was held and the employer confirmed that the Beta II testing has now been completed and the quality review process now confirms that the standard is measuring the positions properly.  Unfortunately, discussions are still in the "contained consultation" mode and as a result, specific details cannot be communicated at this time.

It has come to our attention that some managers are speculating where certain jobs may fall in the new standard and/or speculating about salary increases when meeting with employees.  The Committee asks that Locals advise us immediately where this occurs.

The training for SP101 has been delayed and we expect we will have specific details to provide to the locals and the facilitators after our June meeting. We will go back out to the locals to ensure their facilitators have not changed due to the lengthy delay experienced.

The employer did send the staffing committee the draft job descriptions from the beta testing.  The employer has committed to continuing to send the committee the descriptions for review.

The employer has contacted the Union about scheduling a meeting for the end of June where we expect we will finally be receiving the weights and levels attached to the standard.  I have requested Sister Bannon contact the PSAC regarding a replacement for Liam McArthy, who has become a PSAC negotiator and thus will no longer be our research officer.  WE believe it is important for the PSAC research Officer attached to our Bargaining team be part of this process as it will assist in the negotiation process down the road.  Updates will be provided to council after each meeting.

Visit often, and send us your comments to the if you have any problems.

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