Staffing Committee

Report of the Staffing Committee

June 2008

Sabri Khayat  Item 11(a)

The Committee has met April 26th and 27th, 2008, in Ottawa and dealt with the twenty four (24) items on its agenda. 

The Minutes of this meeting were sent, on May 5th, 2008 to the Executive Council and the Locals as well as to our LRO’s. The same week, the report was published on our Web site, and Sister Madonna Gardiner and Brother Marc Brière, the President Representatives within the committee, sent a copy to all the “liaison” whom names were supplied to us by our Locals.

As mentioned in the Minutes (Item 7) we are still awaiting answers from certain Locals which still have not provided us names, or in certain cases, e-mail addresses (other than the employer’s ) , to finalize our list of contacts.

The committee is seeking the support of the Executive Council to remind, their Locals, of the importance of their cooperation.

An update will be provided during this Executive Council Meeting, of the list of Locals, published in the April Minutes

The committee also reissued, on April 29th, 2008 a bulletin on UTE’s position on Recourse related to Observe and Attest.

The bulletin 09/08 "Observe and Attest Recourse", is an update of the bulletin 11/06,  initially issued by UTE on July 13th, 2006, and bearing the same title.  

This update, in our opinion, became necessary after the issuance of a new bulleting by the CRA. (Please refer to the Item 6 of the Minutes, for more details).

Meeting with the CRA

The committee met with the CRA regarding Staffing Concerns April 28th, 2008, from 9:30 am till 12:00 am. A summary report of this meeting is joined to this report.


I will attend, with Sister Linda Cassidy, a meeting with TSDMB on May 21st, 2008 (As of the writing of this report the meeting has not yet occurred).
An update of that meeting will be provided during council followed by a written update if required.

Recourse Process Working Group (RPWG) – Update

We have been informed by the CRA that on April 15th, 2008, the Assistant Commissioner (AC) presented the RPWG recommendations to the Agency’s Human Resources Committee, and received the Committee’s approval to move forward and present the recommendations to Agency’s Management Committee (AMC).

These recommendations were presented by the AC to AMC on May 14th, 2008 and have received the Committee’s approval to move forward with and develop the tools and processes needed to implement them.
I would like by ending, to underline the exceptional contribution of our Technical Adviser, Sister Linda Cassidy, and to thank warmly the Co-Chair of the committee; Sister Pamela Abbott, and the Presidents Representatives within the committee; Sister Madonna Gardiner and Brother Marc Brière for their big involvement and their support highly appreciated.

It's a big privilege to be surrounded with a so beautiful team.

Respectfully submitted,

Sabri Khayat,
Chairperson of the Committee