Staffing Committee

Report of the Staffing Committee

April 2008

Sabri Khayat  Item 11(a)

The Committee has met February 27th and 28th, 2008 in Ottawa and succeeded to pass through Twenty one (21) of the Twenty nine (29) items of its agenda. Eight (8) items were postponed to our next meeting of April 2008.
The report of this meeting was sent to the Executive Council and to our Locals, early in March, 2008 and was posted on our website, the same week. 

Sister Madonna Gardiner and Brother Marc Brière, our Presidents reps issued, on behalf of the Staffing Committee, an e-mail to the Locals requesting the name of a liaison.

The Locals will have a contact sheet included in their packages at the Presidents Conference and the Presidents reps will ensure all fifty five (55) contact sheets are received before the conference ends.

The list, when established, will be used by the Presidents reps to issue staffing information.

Our next meeting, as Committee, with the TSDM is scheduled for April 28th, 2008.

Respectfully submitted,

Sabri Khayat,
Chairperson of the Committee