Workforce Adjustment Committee

Report of the Workforce Adjustment Committee

March 2005

Nick Stein Item 11(h)

The committee met in Ottawa January 11-12/05, the minutes of this meeting have been sent out in a separate bulletin.

The committee recognizes the ongoing issues that will affect many members in various workplaces and program lines. The committee is continually contacting council members and locals for updates on known CRA initiatives that have WFA implications and also those that may be regional or local in nature.

The recent PSSRB decision (Kreway) has resulted in a different definition of equivalent in respect to staffing affected/surplus members. However, as usual, the employer is viewing this decision different than what we believe was the PSSRB’s intent. A meeting is being scheduled with CRA – HQ staff and the UTE National President during the week Council is in Ottawa to discuss the implications of the decision.

As of the writing of this report the committee has not had the opportunity to review the ramifications of the Federal Budget but it is obvious UTE members will be affected.

Respectfully submitted,

Nick Stein,
Chair of the Committee