Workforce Adjustment Committee

Report of the Workforce Adjustment Committee

June 2005

Nick Stein Item 11(h)

The committee met in Ottawa April 20-21/05, the minutes of this meeting have been sent out in a separate bulletin.

The CRA after many requests agreed to form a National Joint WFA Committee made up of representatives from PSAC (UTE & CEUDA) and the employer. The first meeting of this committee took place in Ottawa on May 18/05. Prior to that meeting the Committee met with reps from CEUDA on May 17/05. At the initial meeting discussions were held on terms of reference and agreement in principle was reached for the most part. However, other items remain outstanding and there was agreement to have another meeting to discuss these issues. This meeting has been tentatively scheduled for the week of June 6-10/05 in Ottawa. These issues include such items as relocation of a work unit and lateral transfer versus reasonable job offer. The Committee made it clear to the employer that unless agreement is reached; further complaints would be made to the Public Service Labour Relations Board.

The Committee chair, technical advisor and the UTE National President attended a briefing on May 19/05 dealing with WFA situations being declared in Finance & Administration nationally and Client Services in the Pacific and Prairie regions. The result of these announcements meant 345 employees will have received affected letters during the week of May 24-27/05.

The impact of the Client Services “Cash and Counter” has still not been finalized as of the writing of this report. However, a policy grievance was filed by the PSAC on April 11/05 and to date this also has not been finalized.

The recent PSSRB decision (Kreway) was reported on in my last report and a meeting was held with the employer to discuss this decision. All members of the Committee attended an ad hoc meeting with the employer during the 2nd week of March/05. As usual the employer’s interpretation of this decision is much different than ours. The Committee is in the process of preparing an equivalency chart for all locals to use.

As of June/05 we have affected members in many, many areas throughout the CRA and across all regions. It will only be with the effort of local, regional and national union reps that we ensure that our members are protected and given their rights under the WFAA.

Respectfully submitted,
Nick Stein, Chair of the Committee