Workforce Adjustment Committee

Minutes of the Workforce Adjustment Committee

January 12, 2005


Nick Stein (Chair)
Marcel Bertrand
John Kosiba
Doug Gaetz
Pierre Mulvihill (Technical Advisor)


1. Compensation Service Delivery
2. Appeals re-organization
3. Bar Coding
4. Online RAPS
5. Revenue Accounts
6. Special Investigations
7. PSSRB Decision - Kreway
8. Meeting with CEUDA Representatives


9h00 to 12h00 - Agenda items 1 to 7
1h30 to 17h00 - Agenda item 8

1. Compensation Services Delivery

Full implementation in the fall of 2006 due to the addition of the Winnipeg TC site for compensation.

(Surplus and RJO) Letters issued on December 14, 2004 in SORO.

E-mail to RVPs from Pierre re: Status of Compensation Services Delivery in their region.

Brother Stein shared examples of WFA letters from Southern Ontario Region.

2. Appeals Re-Organization

The Committee reviewed the documentation sent out in the Quebec Region. Pierre will follow up to clarify.

Southern Ontario Region goes from nine (9) to four (4) (Chief of Appeals) (Toronto North, Toronto Centre, Toronto West and London) with the appeal work remaining in the actual current offices but reporting to one of the four (4) Chief of Appeals.

Atlantic Region - one (1) Chief of Appeal in Halifax with work to be centralized by attrition.

Regions to check by Pierre are: Northern Ontario Region, Prairies and Pacific.

3. Bar Coding

An update was provided to the Committee. There is an indication that Jonquière TC DACONs will be hired as casuals. The Committee will continue to monitor the workload situation in the TCs.

4. Online Raps

This item was discussed and the Committee will monitor.

5. Revenue Accounts

Pierre is to request employer’s explanations, since our indeterminate CR-04 members in this section are no longer performing their substantive duties, why are they not declared affected?

6. Special Investigations

Brother Stein advised the Committee that Southern Ontario Region is doing a pilot on informant leads where this will be centralized to one location. Brother Stein will follow up with the employer on this item.

7. Kreway Decision

The Committee reviewed the decision and a Bulletin will be sent out.

8. Meeting with CEUDA Representatives

The Committee reviewed the history of workforce adjustment between the Union of Taxation Employees and Canada Revenue Agency with the CEUDA Representatives. They updated the Committee on their history with CRA in regards to WFA. There was a recognition that both UTE and CEUDA would be best served by keeping these new lines of communication open.