Workforce Adjustment Committee

Report of the Workforce Adjustment (WFA) Committee

December 2005

Nick Stein Item 11(h)

The National Joint WFA Committee met with the employer in Ottawa on October 26th. The minutes of this meeting are being prepared in consultation with CEUDA as the employer refuses to draft these minutes.

There were several topics but the Committee would like to report on one specific item that is part of the terms of reference for the joint committee. The employer is required to provide the Union every three (3) months with a list of the affected, surplus and laid-off employees. At that meeting, only three (3) regions information was submitted (Atlantic, Quebec and SORO). On November 16th the Committee was provided the list for all regions. The Committee has requested that all RVP’s review this list with their locals and report back to the Committee the accuracy of this report.

The Committee Chair and technical advisor were briefed on October 31st by HQ on the recent F&A restructuring. Once again the employer is contravening the collective agreement by calling this WFA situation a “lack of work” versus a “relocation of work”, which it is. The Committee has requested and is in the process of filing another policy grievance under the PSRLA on this matter. The Committee is also considering having one of the affected members file a grievance as well.
At a meeting on October 12th with HQ the issue of Client Service counter work was raised in conjunction with the CRA decision to either close the counters or set up an “appointment only” system. The employer advised us that the Union would be advised on this matter in approximately two (2) weeks. At the meeting on October 26th, nothing more was available on this topic. As of the writing of this report (November 16th), there still is nothing further on this. The Chair has requested the National President to enquire about this with HQ.

Respectfully submitted,
Nick Stein, Chair of the Committee