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JUNE 2006

Nick Stein Item 11(h)

The Committee has not met since my last report.

The Committee Chair and the Staff Advisor participated in a teleconference
on March 23/06 on the 6% equivalent issue (Kreway). The employer was very
clear in that they are not going to adhere to the PSLRB decision and will
use the 4% promotion guidelines instead. This is not acceptable and it
will be raised at the NUMC in June/06.

On April 5/06 the Committee Chair and the Staff Advisor participated in
what is now being called Work Force Adjustment Guidelines. Another draft
was prepared by the employer and both UTE and PIPSs have submitted their
comments to the employer and we are awaiting a reply. As stated in my previous
report, since this is still a draft, it can not be shared. One of the key
issues still in dispute is the use of “Permanent Lateral Moves” (PLMs)
versus “Reasonable Job Offers” (RJOs). The Committee would
like to thank the RVPs for their continued support in this area but the
employer still uses PLMs as their first option in many cases. The open
letter from the Committee was printed in the most recent UTE Newsletter
on this issue. 

The Committee Chair and the Staff Advisor were briefed in Ottawa on Phase
III of the F&A restructure. This is and will be a major concern for
our members and the Union. The CRA is going back in time and this initiative
is definitely not well thought out, even though it took over 3 years to
plan. They are attacking are lowest paid members by going back to CR-02
jobs versus the CR03 jobs we fought for over a long period.

Over 300 members of UTE received affected letters as a result of this
and this brings the number of affected members to well over 1200. This
is not acceptable. The CRA was criticized by the Auditor General for not
collecting back taxes owing. What the CRA does not realize is that without
administrative support the employees who are responsible for compliance
are spending more and more on administrative functions. One only has to
look at the effect on the compensation service delivery as an example.

At the time of the writing of this report the Chair is attempting to reconvene
the Joint National WFA Committee for a meeting and our Committee would
meet prior to that proposed meeting. 


Respectfully submitted,


Nick Stein

Chair of the Committee

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