Workforce Adjustment Committee

Report of the Workforce Adjustment Committee

December 2007

Nick Stein Item 11(h)

As a follow-up to the meeting that Sister Bannon and I had in regards to the delegation of authority on August 2/07 we were briefed that an employer only group was established to prepare a report for the A/C of HR. Sister Bannon requested a copy of the draft either before it goes to the A/C or when it goes and to date this has not been received.

The National President and the Committee Chair continue to get updated on WFA situations and the applicable RVPs are notified as soon as possible. At this point there are still well over 900 UTE members in affected status.

The Committee met in caucus October 23/07 and met with the employer at the Joint National WFA Committee on October 24/07. At that meeting the employer tabled an updated list of affected employees and the Chair will send this to the RVPs for accuracy. The minutes for this meeting are now being done by the employer and as of this date, these minutes have not been finalized but will be distributed in a separate bulletin. However, the agenda for the meeting was:

  1. List of affected employees
  2. Delegation of a Reasonable Job Offer
  3. Process to obtain a Reasonable Job Offer
  4. Options granted under the WFAA
  5. Consistency of WFA letters

The Chair will be requesting from the National President to convene a meeting of the Committee early in the New Year. As a result of the new term policy negotiated in this round of bargaining there will be an issue of the conversion of term employees where there are affected members in the same location. The employer is to supply a list of those employees with the 5 years of continuous service and the Committee will review this in respect to affected members. The Committee will also like to discuss the options available as a result of the failure to deal with the CRA’s position on permanent lateral moves during the bargaining process.  

Respectfully submitted,

Nick Stein
Chair of the Committee