Workforce Adjustment Committee

Report of the Workforce Adjustment Committee

June 2011

Nick Stein

The Committee met March 14/11. The Chair welcomed new member Hicham Youssfi.  Sister Sylvie Lahaie was unable to attend.

The first meeting was with the UTE Committee and the minutes have been distributed. The Committee then met with the HQ Joint Committee and those minutes have been approved & are awaiting distribution by HQ.

At the March Presidents Conference the Committee made a short presentation and took questions from the delegates.

The Committee and UTE National President have been in constant contact regarding the anticipated effect of the government wide budget cuts. However, at the time of the writing of this report, nothing concrete has been tabled with UTE or the Committee.

On the Taxpayer Relief initiative, several members of the British Columbia Region were declared affected under the WFAA. These names were shared with the RVP for that Region & all affected members are expected to receive Regional Job Offers. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for the Ontario Region. The Committee Chair and National President have had numerous discussions with the employer about the delays in this Region. It is anticipated that UTE members in this Region will be declared affected in the near future.

As this is my last report as Chair of this Committee I would like to send my sincere THANKS to all members, both reps and staff, who have served on this Committee over the several years I have had the privilege to Chair this Committee. There is no doubt that job security is either the most important or one of the most important issues for our members. One of my greatest accomplishments was overseeing an affected list of some 1,500 plus members be reduced to less than 10. I want to be clear that it was with the support of the National President, Executive Council, Locals and the membership that we were able to accomplish this.

I’m sure I’ll always be connected with WFA and to me that is a good thing. While at times it may have appeared this was all I talked about and dealt with, that was exactly what I hoped for. My constant if not annoying passion for job security made this a priority for our Union, as it should be. I know that as we move to times of great uncertainty with a Harper majority government many members and activists are afraid of what the future will bring. I want to tell all, that we should not be afraid, UTE will always set the agenda and always have our members in the forefront in our actions, I am confident in this. So, good luck to all, and I hope your passion on WFA and job security will be the same as mine.  

Respectfully submitted,

Nick Stein
Chair of the Committee