Workforce Adjustment Committee

Report of the Workforce Adjustment Committee

December 2011

Pamela Abbott Item 11(h)

The Committee met September 26, 2011. The Chair welcomed Sister Annette Melanson, Executive Assistant to the National President to the meeting. Sister Melanson was observing the committee at the request of the National President.

The minutes for the above WFA UTE Committee meeting have been distributed. The Committee then met with the employer for a meeting of the National Joint WFA Committee. The draft minutes have been received for review and will be distributed as soon as they are approved. 

At the September Presidents’ Conference, Brother MacDonald, Staff Advisor to the Committee made a short presentation on alternation for an opting employee under Part VI of Appendix C.  This option is not available for employees who are in a receipt of a guarantee of a reasonable job offer.  Questions were taken from the floor.

The Committee also made a short presentation of the importance of having Regional and Local Joint WFA Committees.  If a local has not set up their joint committee, the time is now. WFA is not going away. Locals can no longer think that they will not be affected due to size and location.  Just because your site may not be affected directly, indirectly you can be.  Members may not have the option of retaining employment in their current location and may have to relocate. Under the Cost Containment Plan, the Commissioner has ensured all employees, that if affected, guarantee of a reasonable job offer will be given.  To date, we have yet to see a program cut that has caused a member to relocate.  However, we cannot confirm that this may not happen if the Deficit Reduction Plan is enacted.  If the Federal Government pushes further cuts as they have been stating, then this plan will create job loss.  It is now more important that all Locals and Regions are working together.  Questions were taken from the floor.

Since our last report UTE has received two WFA Notifications from the CRA and to the committees knowledge, all RVP’s, Locals and members affected have been informed.

With respect to the transfer of our members in Information Technology (IT) to Shared Services Canada (SSC), PSAC on behalf of UTE supported the filing of a Policy grievance against the CRA for the failure to consult and consider this transfer an Alternate Delivery Imitative(ADI) as per the Workforce Adjustment Appendix. This grievance was filed on November 14th, 2011.

Respectfully submitted,

Pamela Abbott
Chair of the Committee