Well-Being Committee

Report of the Well-Being Committee

December 2021

Greg Krokosh

The Committee as part of the Well-Being National Advisory Committee (WB-NAC) met with AFS and Management counterparts on November 03, 2021. Management indicated that while it has been very busy time supporting employees during the pandemic, focus on both the Employee Assistance Program (EAP) and Internal Conflict Resolution (ICR) have been maintained.

Homewood Health became the EAP Service Provider in June of this year and is the sole provider as of October. UTE raised the issue of Security Investigations being initiated as a result of members sending information to family members and suggested that the Homewood Health website should be used instead.

ICR practitioners have been extremely busy but are returning to pre-pandemic levels. Unconscious Bias workshops were launched in July and three National workshops and Awareness sessions are being converted to virtual for launch next year.

Management also advised that employee support under the Mandatory Vaccination policy will not be to advise on the policy or process but only to provide support to the employee's feelings.

A meeting with UTE is being scheduled to discuss the National Well-being Network (WBN) meetings and activities. 

Respectfully submitted,

Greg Krokosh
Chair of the Committee