Equal Opportunities Committee

Report of the Equal Opportunities (EO) Committee

June 2021

Linda Koenders

The Committee met via MS Teams on March 16 to discuss the ending of the term for the representatives of the 5 equity groups.  A call letter went out on April 26, 2021, to solicit new members; overall the response was good.  The Chair, Co-Chair, Technical Advisor and Presidents Rep met via MS Teams on May 18 to go over the applications and I wish to present the following recommendations:

Recommendation #1: That the following persons be appointed to the committees as follows:

Persons with Disabilities:                          Rep:                       Tony Crupi
                                                                  1st Alternate:            Kelsey Quinn
                                                                  2nd Alternate:           Bronwyn Funiciello

Indigenous Peoples:                                  Rep:                        Sarah Osbourne
                                                                  1st Alternate:            Josephine Halbach

LGBTQ2+                                                   Rep:                       Blake Noelte
                                                                   1st Alternate:           Priscilla Lam
                                                                   2nd Alternate:          Loree-Ann Huard

Racially Visible:                                          Rep:                       Christopher Vicente
                                                                   1st Alternate:           Khalid Ahmad
                                                                   2nd Alternate:          Rowland Johnson

Women:                                                      Rep:                       Jackie Robertson
                                                                   1st Alternate:           Nielene Chand
                                                                   2nd Alternate:          Ashley-Rae Snape

As previously reported, the Committee also has created a Black Members Working Group; a call letter for applicants for this initiative went out on May 13, 2021.  As the deadline to apply had not been reached at the time of writing this report, I will give a verbal update at Executive Council.

The Committee is looking forward to welcoming new members and having some initial discussions concerning the upcoming conferences next year and our on-going mandate to address systemic racism within CRA and the Union.

Respectfully submitted,

Linda Koenders
Chair of the Committee