Call Centre Committee

Report of the Call Centre Committee

December 2020

Greg Krokosh

The committee met virtually on November 03, 2020 to discuss issues and set our side of the agenda for the next meeting with the employer. The date for which has yet to be determined.

The committee and our 2nd National Vice-President, Adam Jackson, have been assigned by our National President, Marc Briere, to a joint committee with the employer as per Appendix “G” of our new collective Agreement, Call Monitoring. The first meeting has been scheduled for December 15, 2020 to establish the terms of reference for the committee. The Call Centre Committee sent out a survey on November 20, 2020 to the Call Centre locals, activists, and members at large in preparation for the development of fair and transparent guidelines concerning the use of call monitoring.

Respectfully submitted,

Greg Krokosh
Chair of the Committee