Communications Committee

Report of the Communications Committee

December 2020

Gary Esslinger

The committee was been scheduled to meet the week of March 9 -13, however with the commencement of strike votes the committee felt it was prudent to postpone the meeting until April 2020. Unfortunately, with the pandemic no meeting was scheduled. At the request of the National President a virtual meeting was scheduled for October 6 - 8 to prepare a newsletter. This was the first one produced since December 2019.

It was important to try to get our newsletter back on schedule.  The committee then had a virtual meeting November 9 – 14 to prepare our year-end Christmas edition.  This newsletter will contain a full-size UTE calendar, printed on the regular card stock, and folded in half. This will provide each of our members with a UTE 2021/22 calendar.

PSAC is taking a similar approach and it was considered important that UTE provide our own branded calendar to the membership. Of note, our calendar will be in the hands of our members well before the PSAC calendar which is scheduled to be mailed out in January 2021.

The committee has assigned to it a review of the two UTE booklets and will look at scheduling a meeting at some point in the new year.

I wish to express my appreciation and thanks to the members of the committee, Ken Bye, Daniel Camara and Susan Duncan for all their hard work and support.

Respectfully submitted,

Gary Esslinger
Chair of the Committee