Technological Change Committee

Minutes of the Technological Change Committee

July 29. 2020

(held virtually)


Brian Oldford, Chair
Josh Atwood, Presidents’ Representative
Kimberley Koch, Co-Chair
Greg Krokosh, Co-Chair
Mathieu Juneau, Technical Advisor

1. Review of Previous minutes

  • The previous minutes were adopted.

2. The Hub for CHAMP

  • This issue should have been brought to our attention months ago. Even though it forms part of the CHAMP piece already brought before our committee, it is a lack of consultation by the employer that must be redressed. 


  • SP-05s are being used
  • What is the technological change here?
  • Any staffing issues?
  • Phone system and training?

4. Agenda presented by employer

  • As the employer has offered no summary of the issues, other than to tell us we would be provided with updates at the meeting, we will await their updates and then seek any clarification needed. Generally, we will continue to ask questions about HR impacts and any other impacts on our members.

5. Review of cra commitments list

  • We have no issues with the employer-created commitments list. Note that topics marked “completed” only mean that the task identified was completed but that the topic itself remains open and ongoing; while a topic marked “closed” no longer forms part of the agenda.

6. Roundtable

Other issues to raise at the meeting:

  • The hub for CHAMP – see notes above. Brian to address.
  • Has TITUS been fully deployed? The November 2019 minutes say it will be fully deployed in May 2020. Brian to address.
  • Change to the CAS system for procurement? Josh to address.