Equal Opportunities Committee

Report of the Equal Opportunities (EO) Committee

April 2020

Greg Krokosh

The Committee has not met since the last Executive Council.

Due to the Chair being on leave, I attended the Union-Management Employment Equity and Diversity Committee meeting with our technical advisor, Andrea Holmes, on February 7, 2020. Items discussed included accessibility, recruitment of persons with disabilities, an update on the workforce analysis, training, positive space, Prime Minister’s mandate and a discussion on the results of the Public Service Employee Survey (PSES).

A concern of the Committee was the Canada Revenue Agency’s use of microtargeting when advertising jobs especially when restrictions were based on prohibited grounds such as age. The employer assured the committee that any such actions would be used to recruit groups but not specific jobs.

The results of the PSES indicate that there has not been much improvement in the areas of harassment and discrimination.

The Union-Management Employment Equity and Diversity Committee has determined that they will now hold three quarterly meetings and have a two-day planning meeting per year.

Respectfully submitted,

Greg Krokosh
Co-Chair of the Committee