Call Centre Committee

Report of the Call Centre Committee

September 2019

Greg Krokosh

The Call Centre Committee has not met since the last Executive Council meeting. On June 19, the Chair and Andrea Holmes participated in a National Call Centre Well-Being Committee teleconference. Then on June 25, we participated in the Call Centre Service Program Strategic Planning Session via teleconference on the issue of Well-being. The employer is looking at inviting the Committee to be a more active participant in next year’s planning session.

The Chair and Technical Advisor, David Girard, were also briefed on Enabling Client Service Security proof of Concept, on July 04, and Segregation of Duties and Flexible Work Force Pilot, on August 06.

The Committee has a meeting scheduled with the employer on September 23 to discuss issues raised by the Locals in response to the Committee’s latest call-out and some employer items.

Respectfully submitted,

Greg Krokosh
Chair of the Committee