Political Action Committee

Report of the Political Action Committee

September 2019

Jamie vanSydenborgh

The Political Action Committee has not met since the last Executive Council Meeting.

The political action campaign, regarding the ‘Quebec Single Tax Return’ took place over the summer.  The Political Action Committee had a poll conducted to determine Quebecois sentiments to the idea and level of awareness in the regions of Quebec.  A campaign was implemented with the assistance of Point Blank Creative, a marketing firm that has been used previously by the PSAC.  The campaign consisted of targeted Facebook ads, radio ads and newsprint ads in targeted locations. 

Many thanks to the local activists in Quebec, who have brought this message to politicians, federal and provincial, in the Quebec region. 

Elsewhere in the country, we continue to get updates from locals regarding their continued lobbying efforts around bargaining, Phoenix and the Quebec Single Tax Return.  Thanks to all those who lobbied over the summer months. 

We will be presenting an update to the Presidents’ Conference this week. 

Respectfully submitted,

Jamie vanSydenborgh
Chair of the Committee