Call Centre Committee

Report of the Call Centre Committee

June 2019

Greg Krokosh

The Call Centre Committee met with the employer on May 23, 2019 to further discuss membership concerns with the new phone system and the new assessment tool. The committee would like to extend its appreciation to those Locals that responded to our callout which formed the basis of our discussions.

The employer agreed to update the reference guides to now include that the assessment tool is subject to the grievance process as outlined in our Collective Agreement and that the minimum number of calls per session goes for no minimum to 6. The employer will consider putting the updated guides on Info-Zone so that they may be current and available to all members. The committee was less please to be advised that the calibration process is for the assessment rather than for every call assessed and that the employer soft-launched a Benefits Guide without consultation.

It is essential for Locals to keep providing the Committee with their observations and concerns. Locals must encourage their members to complete the incidents reports when required. Otherwise, the employer concludes that the system is getting better.

As the new assessment system becomes truly National for the upcoming performance review cycle, vigilance of the employer’s actions at every call centre becomes even more important.

Respectfully submitted,

Greg Krokosh
Chair of the Committee