Employee Assistance Program

Report of the Employee Assistance Program (EAP) Committee

December 2018

Kimberley Koch

The Committee met with the employer on November 21st. In attendance were myself, Linda Koenders, RVP, NCR, Heather Ford, Presidents’ Representative, and Andrea Holmes, Labour Relation Officer, UTE.

Follow up on Commitments from the NEAPO:

2017-2018 Highlights:

Professional Counselling and Peer Support Services: The national utilization rate for counselling and peer support series stood at 10.6% for the year under review compared to 11.5% for 2016-2017.

Advisory services to Managers, Union Representatives, and Human Resource Professionals:

The services were well utilized in 2017-2018, where 638 managers, 82 union representative’s, and 213 Human Resource Professionals took advantage of the services. More than 99% of advisory consultations were provided by the Coordinator-counsellors.

Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM):

For the year under review, there were 13 group debriefings and 14 individual debriefings following a critical incident.

Group sessions on grief and loss:

For 2017-2018 36 sessions were facilitated

Focused Conversations:

The Focused Conversation is a tool developed for the C-Cs to support managers in helping employees’ process difficult situations. The process is designed to move an individual from the reactive to the proactive stage, with a focus on self-care. In 2017-2018, the C-Cs delivered 19 consultations with managers, and 71 group interventions to 1,521 participants.

EAP learning products:

178 Workshops were provided to 3,039 employees, 116 workshops were provided to 1,734 managers and 72 union representatives. Of all the workshops delivered, 37.4% had a focus on mental health.

Prevention Initiatives:

2017-2018 Initiatives topics included eldercare, change, grief, parenting, resilience, mental health, physical health, and stress. Note that the RAs delivered 65% of the EAP orientation sessions. In light of the removal to the RA role within the EAP service delivery model in the 2018-2019, other avenues of sharing the content of the orientation session are being explored and are currently being developed. 

National Advisory Terms of Reference

Chair Maggie Trudel-Maggiore tabled the topic, we requested a commitment to review at our next meeting in the Spring.

Activities to Support of the Respectful Workplace and Well-being Strategy

  1. Mental Health Week, Second week in May
  2. World Suicide Prevention Day, September 10th
  3. Mental Illness Awareness Week, First week in October


The 1-800 is to be available on the CRA external website by the end of Fiscal


NEAPO: National Employee Assistance Program Office
C-C: Coordinator-counsellor
RA: Referral Agent
ToR: Terms of Reference

Respectfully submitted,

Kimberley Koch
Chair of the Committee