Staffing Committee

Report of the Staffing Committee

December 2018

Jérôme Martel

The UTE National Staffing Committee did not meet during this period. However, Shane and Jérôme met with representatives from the UTE National Call Centre Committee to discuss the CCAAT and to determine an action plan for this employer initiative.

We received many revisions of job descriptions and competency profiles to go over, and once again, I want to thank my committee for their exemplary work.

The employer undertook a comprehensive review of the classification of Collector positions. We have two UTE representatives from the National Staffing Committee (Jennifer MacPherson and Patrick Bertrand). Shane and I will be attending the next meeting because it looks like the issues will be very important.

We also have an ongoing Staffing Reform initiative. During the summer, there were different kinds of meetings, and during the fall, there were also office consultations with employees, managers and expertise centres. The employer recently compiled everything and provided us with “one pagers” of ideas that were developed following the consultations for our input. There is a meeting scheduled from December 4 to December 6, 2018, to discuss various ideas with employer representatives from across Canada. Shane and I will be representing the UTE and there will also be two representatives from the Professional Institute AFS group.

From my Staffing Committee, I would like to thank my Technical Advisor, Shane O'Brien, for the knowledge sharing and excellent work he does for the committee.

Respectfully submitted,

Jérôme Martel
Chair of the Committee