Staffing Committee

Report of the Staffing Committee

September 2018

Jérôme Martel

The National Staffing Committee has been very busy since the last Executive Council meeting. I would like to thank the members of my committee for their exemplary work.

The employer undertook a complete overhaul of CRA's staffing program shortly before the beginning of summer. Shane and I are part of the task force. This task force is comprised of representatives from all the regions and all CRA divisions.

Shane and Jennifer MacPherson represented the UTE during a face-to-face meeting on June 6 and 7. (Adam and I were at the June council meeting, so Jennifer represented the UTE with the thoroughness she is known for.)

We also attended several meetings about the roll-out of this initiative, about how the consultation would take place with employees, about the involvement of local union representatives and about the how serious the employer is to consult and include the union in that overhaul. The employer wants to form two subcommittees very soon to look at the skills system and to review the recourses. We are working with both PIPSC representatives and intend to present a united front on a number of issues that are important to us.

Executive consultations were carried out by the committee members this summer, and consultations are planned for the fall with the Centre of Expertise in Renewal, employees and managers.

We are cautiously optimistic. We know that the program needs to be changed for our members’ benefit, but not at any cost. We are focusing primarily on the fairness, transparency and recourse aspects that operate for our members.

Respectfully submitted,

Jérôme Martel
Chair of the Committee