Political Action Committee

Report of the Political Action Committee

June 2018

Jamie vanSydenborgh

The Political Action Committee met May 15-17, in Ottawa, to discuss three items that were tasked with consideration by the National President:

  1. CAS Campaign;
  2. Transfer of federal tax administration to Revenue Quebec; and
  3. Counter Service at CRA.

The committee was tasked with creating a campaign to promote the use of the CAS to pay CRA employees directly, instead of the failed Phoenix pay system.  The CAS campaign is called “CAS can do it” and is set to launch during National Public Service Week.  This will include providing an item to wear supplied to each local and post cards addressed to the Prime Minister.  The cost of this campaign will be paid from the Political Action and Campaigns budget line item. 

The transfer of federal tax administration to the Province of Quebec was an item that was already on the agenda for discussion of the committee.  On April 25th, Marc Brière, Daniel Camara, Eddy Aristil, and Andre Michaud (PAC Presidents’ Representative) met with Jagmeet Singh (NDP Leader) as well as four other MPs.  The issue recently arose at the NDP’s National Convention, and has started to gain traction with other parties, both federally and provincially. 

During our committee meeting, the Quebec National Assembly unanimously passed a motion to request that the Federal Government transfer its tax administration to the Province of Quebec.  The committee considered this action and the impact it would have on our membership and the communities they work and live in.  Our discussion points were forwarded to the National President for consideration in a press release by the PSAC.  The Minister of National Revenue, and the Federal Government came out against the move.  The PAC will continue to monitor the developments of this initiative. 

On April 12th a conference call regarding CRA Counter Service was held with Marianne Hladun (REVP Prairie Region), Marc Briere, Greg Krokosh, Daniel Camara and myself.  UTE supports the reopening of counter service for taxpayers at CRA offices.  The call was in response to Sheri Benson (NDP MP from Saskatchewan) making an inquiry regarding the disappearance of CRA counter service. The PA committee is interested in working with the MP in this regard and will continue working on this issue. 

Respectfully submitted,

Jamie vanSydenborgh
Chair of the Committee