Employee Assistance Program

Report of the Employee Assistance Program (EAP) Committee

June 2018

Kimberley Koch

The EAP Committee met with the employer on March 16, 2018 discuss the program. 

The agenda for the meeting included the following items:

2016-2017 EAP Statistics/Annual Summary

NAC Terms of Reference of the NEAPO

Transition to EAP webpages to WET4 format (NEAPO)

Activities in Support of the Respectful Workplace and Well-being Strategy (NEAPO)

  • World Health Day-Depression: let’s talk
  • Mental Health Week
  • International Self-Care Day
  • World Suicide Prevention Day
  • Healthy Workplace Month
  • Mental Illness Awareness Week

Questions from UTE and PIPSC

National EAP Office (NEAPO) Updates

  • EAP Learning Event
    • 15 Coordinator Counsellors attended learning event focused on Grief, the feedback was that the training was great.
  • National EAP Newsletter 
    • The external provider contract has been cancelled, the newsletter will now be developed in-house

Respectfully submitted,

Kimberley Koch
Chair of the Committee