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Job Content, Classification and Acting Pay Grievance Process

January 5, 2007

Consolidation - Introduction of Short Format Work Description

In the interest of expediting the introduction of the Short Format Work Description and Consolidation and preventing unnecessary grievances, the Union of Taxation Employees and the Canada Revenue Agency have entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with respect to the above.  A copy of the formal Memorandum of Understanding will be attached to each Short Format Work Description and provided to each employee affected by this initiative.

The Short Format Work Descriptions will be distributed commencing on January 15, 2007 and in any event, no later than January 31, 2007.  Pursuant to the MOU, the time frames for filing formal grievances will be extended to commence on October 1, 2007 and end on November 6, 2007 in order to allow the parties to review employee concerns and to consult meaningfully with respect to these concerns.  Employees who are members of the Union of Taxation Employees will have an opportunity to provide their concerns through their Local directly to the National Office of UTE where they will be analyzed, compiled with others and presented to the Agency’s Corporate Organization and Classification Division (COCD) for referral to the appropriate functional authority.  After consulting with the functional authority, COCD will respond to UTE’s submission no later than September 30, 2007. 

Should the parties be unable to resolve employee concerns, employees shall have the right to present grievances commencing on October 1, 2007. The Memorandum of Understanding also goes on to modify the grievance procedure to provide for the efficient and expeditious processing of employee grievances.  It should be noted that nothing in the MOU will serve to negate or otherwise adversely affect the members’ right to exercise the grievance procedure established between the parties, but serves for a more efficient and streamlined approach to implementing this new initiative. 

Further information will be disseminated by the Union of Taxation Employees to its members concerning the internal union process for the collection of members’ concerns. 

Should you have any questions or require any further clarification, we recommend that you speak with your local union representative or your manager or consult either the Agency’s ACS-SP website or the UTE’s website at

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Shane O’Brien Suzanne Miner
Senior Labour Relations Officer Acting Assistant Director
Union of Taxation Employees Redress Section
Corporate Organization and Classification Division
Human Resources Branch
Canada Revenue Agency