Well-Being Committee

National EAP Conference Questionnaire Results

March 2007

Note:   One participant from each local was asked to complete a short 5 questions survey. 

Survey Results:

There was nothing in our review of the results which gave us any real cause for concern.

Some committee representatives felt that they were not getting much training as committee members. As a result of this conference we hope that the committees are now aware that there is training available and that it is up to each committee to push for it in their local offices.

We also noted that some of the answers received from some of the outlying committees are less than satisfactory. The representatives are reporting very little activities and do not seem to be well informed on the Program.  This may be due to the fact that their coordinator counselors cannot provide the level of service that some of us have come to expect in the larger or centrally located offices. Hopefully the conference has provided some networking between the committee members at the conference and the coordinator counselors.

The survey results indicated that there was generally a good mix of union and management on all committees. It was not at all unusual for coordinator counselors to participate in the committees and so too the Referral Agents, although to a slightly lesser extent. As for the external facet, there appeared to be little contact with the committees.  

In all cases, with the exception of four, the representatives reported a good utilization rate of their program while two reported that their utilization was less than the national average. In two cases the representative reported they didn’t know their rate or didn’t fully understand the question.

When we asked the representatives present if they saw the statistical reports; we were somewhat surprised by some of the answers. Six Quebec committees reported not seeing the statistical reports. A few said that they only got verbal reports and one commented that they got only the external reports.

On education we asked two questions the first being if committee members attended courses and conferences. Eleven of the representatives reported that this was not happening in their sites. As we said earlier, hopefully, the conference has directed them to where they can get more involved.

The second part of the education question asked if their committees organized information and awareness sessions. All representatives responding reported a resounding YES.

On the question of Referral Agents in each of the locals we had nine Quebec committees and seven committees outside Quebec reporting not having RAs.

Finally we asked if the representatives felt that their program was working well in the workplace.  Most responded “yes”, two reported they felt more promotion was necessary while three reported “yes and no” which at least seemed a balanced answer.  We are concerned with one answer that said there was no trust in the external provider. This will be addressed with the reporting office.