Employee Assistance Program

Summary of Evaluations - UTE National EAP Conference

November 2006
Based on the comments made during the conference and the comments expressed on the evaluation forms, participants found the conference super interesting, informative, useful, excellent and helpful.
Participants gave on average a rating of “excellent” to speaker Hélène Charlesbois who talked on “Eating for Energy – Reducing Stress” and to Rhonda Scharf who did a humourous presentation entitled “Sometimes You’re the Windshield- Sometimes You’re the Bug”. Historian Michael Piva who spoke on our theme “Changing Times, Changing Needs” and CRA Employee Assistance Program Director, Suzanne Gorley received a rating of “very good”. Participants enjoyed the great perspective on the history of labour and appreciated the commitment to EAP at the national level.
The workshops received a very good rating; the most appreciated being the one on “Suicide Awareness”. Participants found all the workshops very pertinent to EAP and wished that they could have attended all the workshops.
The general discussion on Referral Agents received ratings of “excellent” and “very good”. Participants appreciated hearing the views of others and learning more about the role of referral agents. There were strong opinions on both sides.
Some of the general comments on the evaluation forms were that the conference was very well organized, had a very good choice of workshops and interesting speakers, was well overdue and should be held every 4-5 years. One participant mentioned that this was the first conference that held his attention the whole time.