Equal Opportunities Committee

Minutes of the Equal Opportunities (EO) Committee

March 26-27, 2018


Linda Koenders, Chairperson
Greg Krokosh, Co-Chairperson
Mel Lucier, Elected by the Locals
Lisa Halbach, Aboriginal Peoples
Loree-Ann Huard, GLBT
Lea Serron, Women
Georges Ten, Racially Visible People
Jim Austin, Persons with Disabilities
Andrea Holmes, Technical Advisor
Christiane Pagé, Administrative Assistant


Sister Koenders welcomes the members of the committee. 


Meeting Minutes

The Committee reviewed and adopted the meeting minutes of the last meeting that took place on January 15-16, 2018.

Aboriginal opening/closing

Sister Koenders will make arrangements for the Aboriginal opening and closing for the Toronto and Montreal conferences and Sister Halbach will make arrangements for the Calgary conference.

Review vignettes

The Committee proposed and reviewed vignettes. A vignette will be selected for each equity group to be played at the conferences.


The Committee met with Shelina Merani to discuss the content of her performance that she will be carrying out at the regional conferences.

The Committee completed a questionnaire for Ian Capstick. Ian will develop a presentation and workshop for the regional conferences. 

Participants Gifts

The committee discussed and agreed on the participants gifts.

Conference Objectives

The committee agreed on the following conference objectives:

  • Embrace and understand equity issues;
  • Learn how to be the change you want to see;
  • Go back to your local, share your knowledge and stand up!

Alcohol in the Hospitality Suite

The Committee engaged in a contentious debate related to alcohol in the hospitality suite. It was agreed upon that no alcohol would be served in the suite throughout the regional conferences.

Approval of Administrative Documents

The Committee reviewed and approved the final agenda, call letter and participant registration form.


The Committee agreed that guest speakers are the most efficient method of presenting each speaking item. However, the Committee will facilitate a workshop Saturday morning. Workshop ideas have been proposed by the Committee.

Decide on moose hide pins

The committee has agreed to present the Moose Hide Campaign by playing a video and distributing Moose Hide pins. The UTE National Office will order the pins and donate $250.00 on behalf of the EO Committee.

Broken links on UTE website

Each committee member will monitor the UTE website and advise Susan Duncan when necessary, of broken links (related to the group they represent) and provide her with new links.  If new links are to be added to the site, the committee member will send to all committee members for approval before having posted. The Committee will look at any links to ensure they are current/functional.


No further meetings have been scheduled.


The Committee agreed on the following action items:


To be completed by:


Aboriginal Opening/Closing

Linda, Lisa

Racially Visible Vignette