President’s Follow Up Items - Executive Council

December 2007

Betty Bannon - Item 5

  • Our member and student have been selected for the ICA trip with Captain Smith next February and their flights have been booked.  The member is Amy Colbourne from the St John’s TC and the student is Keegan Burt the son of Esther Burt of the Toronto North local.

  • The “Tips for the Chairperson” were distributed to the local Presidents during the last Presidents Conference.

  • An article regarding our members participating on selection boards will be published in the next newsletter.  It will receive a wider circulation being in the newsletter than in a Bulletin that only goes to the local and is on our website.  We should remind everyone that unless it is part of their job duties, they should not be volunteering to sit on selection boards.

  • I will be asking the Chair of the By-law Committee to include a statement in the “Resolutions of Record” that UTE does not include any other Bargaining Agents in their UMC meetings at the local, regional or national levels.

  • The National Office is working on a Bulletin regarding membership rights during an employer administrative investigation.

  • I did discuss with the AC-HR the issue of applying for CPP Benefits and continuing to work.  I requested that a meeting be held with UTE, CRA and HRDC to officially obtain their ruling on this matter.  I will follow up with the CRA to see what the status of this issue is.

  • We hope to finalize the details of the Call Centre meeting and prep work before Christmas.  I have requested and received from the CRA the locations and types of Call Centres that they have listed.

There are other follow up items that have yet to be completed but will be looked at as a priority.