Honours and Awards Committee

Report of the Honours and Awards Committee

March 2018

Cosimo Crupi

The Honours and Awards Committee met by teleconference on February 20th, 2018. Present were Chairperson Cosimo Crupi, Co-Chairs Gary Esslinger and Ken Bye as well as Presidents Representative Gesine Campbell.

Topics discussed were as follows:

1. Topic for this year’s scholarship from the committee is:

Over the last number of months there has been much discussion and debate surrounding a $15 minimum wage. This has resulted in some jurisdictions presenting legislation to increase the minimum wage to $15, while being considered in other provinces and dismissed in some.

How would the $15 minimum wage affect you and your community and do you believe it has a positive or negative impact and why?  

2. Reviewed local submission for Regulation 24.2 Certificate of Achievement (Al Lough Award). Recommendation to follow.

3. Commenced initial discussions on scoring template for scholarships with more work required when committee meets in July to review scholarship applications.

Recommendation to council on this to follow at a later date.

Recommendation #1.

M/S     Cosimo Crupi /

Be it resolved that Executive Council support the committee recommendation under UTE Regulation 24.2 Certificate of Achievement (Al Lough Award) to XXXXX from the XXXXX Local XXXXX.

Respectfully submitted,

Cosimo Crupi
Chair of the Committee