Honours and Awards Committee

Report of the Honours and Awards Committee

December 2017

Cosimo Crupi

In Attendance:  Cosimo Crupi, Gary Esslinger, Ken Bye, Gesine Campbell, Louise Dorion

The Honours and Awards Committee met October 4th, 2017 via telephone conference call to determine the member and student awarded to go to Cameroon with Major Ed Smith and the International Children’s Awareness (ICA).  The Committee received one student application and no member applications.

The selected student is Yasmeen Zekry, daughter of Shady Zekry, Connaught Building Local 70021. Since there was no member application, UTE will make an additional donation to ICA in the amount of $2500.00.

The official minutes of the meeting have been posted to the UTE website.

Respectfully submitted,

Cosimo Crupi
Chair of the Committee