Report of the 1st National Vice-President - Executive Council

December 2017

Doug Gaetz

DATE                      ACTIVITY


6                               Violence in Workplace Working Group Meeting                   Ottawa
6                               Physiological Standards Working Group Meeting                Ottawa
6                               NHSPC* Pre-Meeting                                                           Ottawa
7                               NHSPC Meeting                                                                   Ottawa
14                             Union/Management Approach Meeting                                Ottawa
15                             PSES** Meeting                                                                   Ottawa
15                             Job Hazard Analysis Field EE’s Meetings                            Ottawa
18                             Meeting with AFS President and 1st VP                               Ottawa
21                             PSES** Conference Call                                                      Ottawa
25-Oct 1                  Executive Council and President Conference                      Ottawa                                                                                                         


13                             UMA*** Working Group Conference call                              Ottawa
16                             Violence in Workplace Working Group Meeting                   Ottawa
18                             Annual General Meeting Winnipeg CSCC                           Winnipeg
19                             Annual General Meeting Winnipeg TC                                 Winnipeg
20                             Travel back to Ottawa                                                           Ottawa
23                             UMA Conference Call                                                           Ottawa
24                             Executive Committee Conference Call                                 Ottawa
25                             UMA Working Group Meeting                                               Ottawa                                                                                                       


1                               JHA**** Conference Call                                                          Ottawa
6-10                         Annual General Meetings                                                         Kitchener and Windsor

*National Health & Policy Committee
** Public Service Employee Survey
*** Union Management Approach
**** Job Hazard Analysis

Respectfully submitted,

Doug Gaetz
1st National Vice-President