President’s Follow Up Items - Executive Council

December 2017

Marc Brière - Item 5

  • PHOENIX PAY SYSTEM - At the Executive Council, as well as at the September Presidents’ Conference, I told you that the Phoenix system issues concerning union dues were resolved and that the recovery of dues would begin November 15. Since then, we have been informed that the Treasury Board gave instructions to Public Services and Procurement Canada to suspend recoveries until further notice. No explanation was provided. We are following up with PSAC to obtain more information. 

    We were also asked if we would consider suing the federal government via a member’s family member. This suggestion was submitted to PSAC and is currently under review.

    A suggestion has been put forward to launch a boycott campaign against all IBM products. This suggestion was submitted to PSAC and is currently under review.

  • BASIC ACCOUNTING TRAINING COURSE - Discussions have started with the Senior Labour Relations officer, Shane O’Brien, on the possibility of developing a basic accounting course for the Locals. This course would be given by our finance officers.
  • JOB DESCRIPTIONS FOR NATIONAL OFFICE STAFF: The National Office is still in the process of writing job descriptions for all of our staff. We are currently working on the positions of administrative assistant and executive assistant to the National President.
  • WORKSHOP FOR CHIEF SHOP STEWARDS OF DELEGATES - At the September Presidents’ Conference, we received a proposal to hold a workshop to enable chief shop stewards of delegates to talk among themselves on their best practices. We are seriously considering the possibility of having such a workshop at a future conference.
  • BUDGET FREEZE ON ERGONOMIC FURNITURE - At the September Executive Council, I was asked to verify whether there was a freeze at CRA on expenses related to the purchase of ergonomic furniture. We have verified with the employer. We were told that there is no freeze on this subject.

Respectfully submitted,

Marc Brière
National President