Minutes of the Executive Council

July 19, 2008


The meeting was called to order at 4:15 p.m.  President Bannon was presiding.  In attendance: Robert Campbell, Denis Lalancette, Pamela  Abbott, Terry Dupuis, Shawn Bergeron, Cosimo Crupi, Nick Stein, Robin Johnson, Chris Aylward, Sabri Khayat, Jean-Pierre Fraser, Doug Gaetz, Pierrette Labrie and Shane O’Brien.

Two new Regional Vice-Presidents were elected earlier during the week:

Jean-Pierre Fraser from the Québec Region and
Robin Johnson from the Greater Toronto Region

M/S Doug Gaetz/Cosimo Crupi

That RVPs seating on the Executive Committee be chosen by seniority for a 1  (one) year term starting today as follows.

  • Nick Stein
  • Chris Aylward
  • Terry Dupuis

M/S Pamela Abbott/Chris Aylward

That the motion be amended to read a 6 months term.


  • Recorded Vote #1.  MOTION DEFEATED.

M/S Pamela Abbott/Terry Dupuis

That the selection be done by way of a random draw for a term of one (1) year.

  • Recorded Vote #2.  MOTION CARRIED.

The results of the draw were as follows:

  1. Nick Stein
  2. Shawn Bergeron
  3. Doug Gaetz
  4. Cosimo Crupi
  5. Pamela Abbott
  6. Chris Aylward

President Bannon indicated that as it is the case after every Convention, it was time again to look at the structure of UTE Standing Committees.  To this effect, she asked all RVPs to provide their preferences in committee participation and to also indicate the position they would like to hold within those committees. She also reminded Council Members that this item will be submitted at the September Executive Council meeting for ratification.

President Bannon also indicated that the two new RVPs will be invited to come in one day early at the next Executive Council Meeting in September for an orientation session.

There will be a retreat for Council sometimes next year and the location will be advised later.

The meeting adjourned at 4:45 p.m.

_____________________ ______________________
Betty Bannon
National President
Bob Campbell
1st National Vice-President