Staffing Committee

Minutes of the Staffing Committee Meeting

October 17 to 20, 2017

In attendance:

J. Martel (via Skype)
A. Jackson (via Skype)
J. MacPherson
J. Coish
P. Bertrand
S. O’Brien

The former National President, Bob Campbell, directed a referral to the UTE National Staffing Committee to develop bargaining proposals with respect to staffing as a result of the employer’s breach of the Letter of Understanding (LOU) negotiated during the last round of bargaining concerning staffing. In essence, at the LOU Sub-committee meeting, the employer advised that they were unable to have meaningful consultation on some of our major issues and did not have a mandate to discuss these items. As a result, UTE’s sub-committee terminated these meetings.

The Committee reviewed the CRA Staffing Program and discussed at length issues that had been raised with the Committee and at various Presidents’ Conferences throughout the years. A lengthy discussion ensued where a large number of irritants and methods of resolution were identified.

The committee developed eighteen (18) new bargaining proposals which will be forwarded to the UTE National President for subsequent referral to the UTE National Standing Bargaining Committee. In addition, twelve (12) other irritants/issues were identified and the Committee agreed that these items would best be discussed with the Agency at a later date, rather than submitting bargaining proposals at this time.

Finally, the Committee prioritized the bargaining proposals which were created.