SEPTEMBER 12-14, 2002


SEPTEMBER 12-14, 2002









The meeting was called to order at .  Betty Bannon, President of the Union of Taxation Employees presided.  All members of the Executive Council were in attendance.

Sister Bannon advised all participants that Brother Marcel Bertrand, Sisters Linda Cassidy, Linda Kinhnicki and Lyson Paquette have been appointed Harassment Complaint(s) Administrators for the duration of this Conference and that any harassment issues during this conference are to be addressed to them.


She asked the participants to observe a moment of silence for members who passed away since last year.


Sister Bannon introduced members of the Executive Council, the Labour Relations Officers, her Executive and Administrative Assistants and the remaining office staff.  She also welcomed and had all Local Presidents’ introduce themselves.



Sister Bannon, started by saying that there was a lot to do now that convention was over.  For example,  a small delegation from UTE will attend the CEUDA Convention at the end of September; continue building our relationship with the PSAC; focusing on Local Development; more involvement from our youth;  dealing with on-going members’ issues, and the employer; a priority will be to protect members in WFA situations.  To do this, we will have to work together as a single unit.


Sister Bannon reported on her attendance to the Public Service International Convention (PSI).  She explained that public service unions at the municipal, provincial and federal levels from all over the world were represented.  She commented that it was an eye opener for her and that she shared issues on Detax  with representatives from Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom.  She learned that the Detax movement in these countries does not have as high a profile as it does here in Canada.  She reported that she will contact the PSAC in the coming weeks to launch a campaign on the Detax movement. She added that the employer will be asked to participate with us and will also be asked to look into any legal avenues on Detax in general and on Detax’s use of websites.  In closing, Sister Bannon reiterated that UTE has always been strong and diligent in its efforts and that it will continue to be so.  UTE will continue to be a strong organization.




M/S/C             I. Daykin /B. Stewart 

That the hours of session be as follows:



Friday:            0900 to 11:45; ;

Saturday:        0900 to 11:45; .




M/S/C             G. Ennis/D. Gaetz 

That the agenda be adopted as circulated with the following additions from the delegates.


1.         UTE Newsletter (Edmonton)

2.         UTE National Softball Tournament (Saint John)

3.         Evaluations for terms and perms (Ottawa Technology Center)

4.         Grievances re. King decision - Definition of a day (St. John’s)

5.         Unauthorized Access (St. Catharines)

6.         Website Collective Bargaining (Edmonton)

7.         Joint Training (St. Catharines)

8.         Notice to bargain (St. John’s)

9.         Isolated Posts (Edmonton)


M/S/C             E. Vivier / D. Brunette


That the agenda be amended to have the items from Trois-Rivières postponed to the end of the session.

M/S/C            D. Brunette / J. Bouchard


That the agenda be amended to move the 3 items from Trois-Rivières to the beginning of the session tomorrow morning.






The Chairperson reported briefly on the following business conducted by the Executive Council earlier during the week.


  • A letter of sympathy was sent to the Quebec Federation of Labour in respect to Brother Louis Laberge who passed away in July.
  • There was a meeting with CCRA on designated employees.
  • A small UTE delegation will attend the CEUDA convention.
  • Mobility Policy: the 16-mile radius has been corrected.
  • Sister Bannon will be reviewing allocation of regions with all the Labour Relations Officers.  Locals will be kept informed of any changes.
  • A resolution was passed to reschedule the March 2003 Presidents’ Conference to the week of February 24th, 2003.
  • A resolution was passed on a Local Recruitment Course that will be given by Brother Shane O’Brien to RVPs and alternate RVPs by November 2002.
  • The Executive Committee is to present a proposed action plan for the rollout of the Local Recruitment Course at the December Executive Council.
  • A resolution was passed that we will look at reviewing our existing Union Management Consultation Agreement.  It was last reviewed in 1993.

·        Council dealt with unfinished business from Convention.

  • Council approved the formation of the standing committees as follows:

By-Laws Committee

Chair : Chris Aylward

Member: Sabri Khayat


Health and Safety Committee

Chair: Chris Aylward

Member: Denis Lalancette


Technological Changes Committee

Chair: Sabri Khayat

Member: Shawn Bergeron


Staffing Committee

Chair: Kent MacDonald

Member: Linda Cassidy


Equal Opportunities Committee

Chair: Linda Cassidy

Member: Terry Dupuis


EAP Committee

Chair: Shawn Bergeron

Member: Diana Gee


Collective Bargaining Committee

Chair: Denis Lalancette

Member: Nick Stein


Honours and Awards Committee

Chair: Pamela Abbott

Members: Terry Dupuis and Denis Lalancette


WFA Committee

Chair: Nick Stein

Member: Marcel Bertrand


Harassment Committee

Chair: Marcel Bertrand

Member: Diana Gee


Communications Committee

Chair: Bob Campbell

Member: Sabri Khayat

Finance Committee

Chair: Bob Campbell

Members: Kent MacDonald and Pamela Abbott




The Collective Agreement Committees reported briefly on what happened since they were formed.  Sister Bannon mentioned that some committees have not met yet and that written reports will not be available at this time but that information will be made available at a later date.




1.         Compulsory on-line staffing processes (St. John’s)


Local :             As of November 1st, it will be mandatory to submitt all staffing applications electronically.  Our concern is that not all employees have PCs to access the information and they would have to be trained.


Chair:                          It was raised at a NUMC that not everybody has a PC and that there also were people with disabilities, such as visually impaired.  We could raise it again at any time.  She asked how many locals have mandatory on-line competition applications. About 15 Locals indicated they had.  She then requested affected Locals to send her an e-mail stating their needs and concerns and that she would contact the employer on the issue.


2.         CR Pay (Surrey)


Local:                          How should the calculation of their wages have been conducted after the contract came out?


MacDonald:   Chairperson of the Staffing Committee former member of the Bargaining Team explained that the employer was right in his interpretation.  If you look at the CR Pay rates, those who are at the top level for more than 12 months moved to the right end column.  Everybody else went straight down and waited for the annual increment date. For some reason some offices started to move people from the right.  This way, it was much costlier for the employer.  This is how it has been done and Locals will have to be careful if they intend to inquire on that issue.

3.         UTE Membership Information (Surrey)


Local:                          We have asked management to tell us when members are moving from one office to an other so we may collect the dues and take care of the new members accordingly.  Their answer was that they can’t do that.

Can something be done nationally?


Chair:                          We need collaboration from the locals.  They should tell us when there is a new person coming aboard.  Another way would be that membership chairs could go through the list and notify the national office when there is a new person and take the appropriate action.  This is part of local development that we have talked about before.  It is not the employer’s responsibility to tell the local president that a new person has arrived.  It is the local’s responsibility.  Sister Bannon added not to forget that this issue could be a bargaining demand for the next round.


A few locals said that they do not have a problem getting information on new employees and that you have to push and force management to provide the information because they have it.  A question was raised in regards to information for new members.


Chair:                          A resolution at convention was passed to have an orientation package.  It should be made available to locals by December 2002 and any updates will be made by the National Office and will be sent to locals by September of each year.


4.         Conflict Management (Montréal)


Local:                          In Montreal, all employees will receive half a day of training on ADR.  To fulfill our mandate vis à vis our members we have to be vigilant.  If we do not participate or assist in these sessions to at least see what is said, then management will be ahead of us.   What do we do, while we are waiting for the good things to come out from AUMI?


Chair:                          We are not participating in the employer’s formal process of Dispute Resolution that he developed and implemented without us because there is no room for the union.  What we do and have done is exercise the philosophy of conflict management as far as discussions with the employer before we file a grievance etc.


                                    When the AUMI is completed it will be rolled out across the country and Alternate Dispute Resolution as we know it now will no longer exist.  Then we will participate in the process of which we had a hand in developing and implementing.


The meeting recessed at 1700 hours.





The meeting was called to order at with President Bannon in the chair.




The National Safety and Health Committee reported.  The chair updated the Presidents on the results of a survey on Shift work and access to CCRA buildings during ``silent hours``(after normal business hours).  A survey was also distributed to the Presidents calling for their input on their ideas of what the delegate composition for the Regional and National OSH Conferences should be.   The National President also updated the Presidents on the news that the CCRA will be using some of the established OSH Trainers for OSH Committee training.  The National Unions will be responsible for choosing their own trainers by region.


The National Workforce Adjustment Committee reported.  The chair updated the Presidents on the WFA situations that are currently going on within the CCRA and distributed previously published documents regarding WFA. The chair then took questions from the delegation.




5.   List of contaminated federal worksites (Trois-Rivières)


Local:              Does CCRA have contaminated worksites? If yes do we have a list?


Aylward:          Chair of the Health and Safety Committee answered yes we have a list and none of the 29 identified sites are taxation offices.


6.   Collections Reform (Trois-Rivières)


Local:              Is there a project to move the workload from district offices across Canada to the Technology Center in Ottawa?


Chair:                          I have not been advised of any changes neither has WFA or anybody else.


Local:              Is there any new development following the reorganization?

Chair:                          Originally, their intent was to implement a national inventory system that would deal with accounts under $50,000.  After hearing from some Local Presidents at the March Presidents’ Conference, that it was found out that it had been done regionally, we contacted the department and called a meeting to brief us on the regional inventory system. The story was that when headquarters met with the regional managers they did not want a national inventory system and they raised a lot of concerns about that.  It was decided to try it regionally as a pilot within their regions and headquarters agreed.  In most cases, the pilots are run between offices within a region.   Their position is that they want to head toward a national inventory system but they have to wait for the statistics to come out on how it is working on a regional basis.


Local:                          Should we have a joint committee on this to influence the employer?


Chair:                          Not before we know how the pilots are running.  They have only been operating for a few months.  We are keeping an eye on it.


Local:                          Is this a Tech Change situation?


Chair:                          The Tech Change Committee has been involved on this matter all along and they will be informed of the results at the same time as the National President will.


7.   CCRA Balanced Scorecard (Trois-Rivières)


Local:              Does the National Office have a position on the Balanced Scorecard?


Chair:                          We are aware that this is a mandatory requirement for CCRA in order to produce their budget report to be tabled at parliament.  They will not consult with us when they write it and they will make it look very good in order to get more money in their budget.  She added that she liked Brother Pelletier’s idea about UTE publishing its own scorecard on CCRA.




The National Staffing Committee reported. The chair updated the Presidents on numerous items, which are listed in the September 7-8, 2002 minutes of the Staffing Committee.  Bulletin 24/02 on Development Programs was distributed to the delegates and commented on by Brother O’Brien, Staff Advisor of the committee.   The committee members answered questions from the participants.

8.   Customer Services Availability Rate (Trois-Rivières)


Brother Pelletier was absent from the room.


9.   Increment Equity (Laval)


Local:                          Commented that for the next round of bargaining we should try to get more salary increments as PISPC does.  The Local is in favour of reopening the contracts for all the groups with the PSAC to get harmonized salary increments.


Chair:                          If it was left to us, there would be only 2 increments for the job members perform.  An entry level and then one more.


If Locals feel strongly about issues of Collective Bargaining, please send them to the National Office when the call for bargaining demands comes out.


10. Recourse Evaluation (Laval)


Local :                         Commented that on November 1st a report will be tabled at Parliament on Recourse Evaluation.  Could UTE attend and speak in favour of its members?


MacDonald:   Chair of the Staffing Committee said that every department tables reports to parliament on an annual basis.   This report will not be specific to Staffing Recourse. 


Chair:                          The report that will be sent to Parliament will be handed out to somebody on the hill who will not read it and then it will be filed.  As far as staffing is concerned, Treasury Board will review the report and they will not disagree with what the Agency says.  These reports are self-assessments.


                                    Our best avenue for dealing with the Staffing Regime including Recourse is through discussions with the Agency.


11. The Staffing System (Laval)


Local:              Same comments as the previous question.

12.       New Harassment Policy (Peterborough)


Local:                          Referred to Bulletin 17/02 and asked if we could have some information from the National Office on the policy before it is rolled out to the membership?


Chair:                          The submission made to CCRA will be sent to the locals’ by e-mail.  She asked Sister Paquette to give some information on the consultation process that took place with the employer.


Paquette        Staff Advisor on the Harassment Committee explained that there was a fair amount of consultation and that the process has been a long one.  All RVPs were asked to provide comments on the policy.  The comments were compiled by the Committee and given to the department verbally and in writing.  There was another meeting to comment on the guidelines.  The employer did take into consideration a lot of our comments.  Sister Paquette added that this was not a joint policy but a CCRA policy.


Local:                          Commented that it is important for the members to get explanations from the union on what the employer is presenting to them.  They will see a greater role from the union other than when it comes time for their contract. 


13.       Bonus Pay for Senior Civil Servants (Peterborough)


Local:                          Referred to an article from the National Post on Senior Civil Servants using-up entire budget for bonuses.  We would like to see our National Executive take position and react with respect to articles like this one.  By doing so, it will encourage young people and give them some reasons to become activists.  The Local also would like to see UTE, as a body representing all these employees, pursue that matter through access to information to find out what was paid to those senior managers and let the membership and the public know about this.  This would be a good start.


Chair:                          We are not always aware of articles like this one and locals should send in any articles that are of interest to UTE.


Some locals commented that we should have a closer look nationally, regionally and locally at the press and newspapers and take position and react when needed.  Someone should be assigned to this very important issue.

14.       Provision of Compensation Services (Montérégie)


Local:                          Referred to a memorandum issued by Claude Tremblay from Human Resources on a subject  which the union had been consulted. Was there consultation or only information?


Chair:                          These meetings were briefing meetings.  On the subject the union was briefed and nothing was received electronically.  We do not know at this point what will happen with this section as no decisions had yet been made by Senior Management. 


15. Bilingual Bonus (Montérégie)


Local:                          There were articles in newspapers that Ottawa wanted to abolish the bilingual bonus.  Is there any information on that?


Chair:                          There was a letter from Nycole Turmel to Mrs. Robillard on the issue.  I will ask sister Turmel when she comes in tomorrow morning if she has received a reply yet.


As opposed to T.B. our bilingual bonus is not in our collective agreement and we could loose it. As recourse we will have to file grievances.


16.       PSAC/TBS Joint Study on Term Employment


This item was withdrawn by the submitting local.

17.       Customer Services Availability Rate (Trois-Rivières)


Local:                          Do you think we can obtain the rates on lost calls (people that can’t get a line to call in)?


Chair:                          You should go to your RVP who can attempt to get them from the Assistant Commissioners.


Some locals said that they receive them on a weekly basis.


Chair:                          She asked the Hamilton Local to get the info starting back from a few months until we get to the bargaining table in order for us to provide the information to the bargaining researcher in due time.

18.       Continuous/Discontinuous Service (Montérégie)


Local:                          Explained that this service is a calculation done by the employer in the CAS System that has modified service dates for many employees and as a consequence affected attributed holidays. In other words, the employer has attributed to much holidays (for which they approved and signed) and now they are asking the affected employees to pay back as much as $8 000 to $ 10 000.  The employer goes back as far as 12 to 15 years on that.  The Local added that grievances have been filed.


Are there any other regions that are experiencing changing date of service? 

Montreal and Vancouver said yes.


Was the National Office aware of this situation?


Chair:              We have not heard on this for about one year.


Local:                          Can we let CCRA know that when they inform their employees on matters like this one, that they should also inform them of the recourse they have?


Chair:                          Suggested that first the Local Presidents put this as an agenda item at the local consultation.


19.       Pilot Project at Revenue Collections – Update (Montérégie)


This item was withdrawn by the submitting Local.


The meeting recessed at hours.





The meeting was called to order at with President Bannon in the chair.


Point of privilege – M. Hancock


Her Local observer sister Velma Green will replace her, as she has to leave early.


The point of privilege was well taken by the Chair.



20.       MG Group – pay harmonization (Sherbrooke)


Local:                          Can we have an update on the re-opening of the collective agreement for the MG Group?


Chair:                          As of today there has been no formal request from CCRA to re-open the collective agreement.  If they do re-open, we believe it will onlybe  for the MG’s rates of pay.


She asked every president present in the room to go to the mike and state their position on the matter.


As a result, the majority commented that they do not want to re-open the collective agreement unless it is for every group.  If we re-open, it would open the door for the union and the employer to have all kinds of requests that could be bad for our members.


The employer knew that there would be a conflict by giving more money to the PIPSC MGs.  They have to be responsible for the decision they have taken.


We should issue something in writing to inform the members on their rights and file grievances.


Local:              Will you publish a communiqué to all members?


Chair:              Yes




Sister Nycole Turmel, National President of the PSAC addressed the delegation by saying that she enjoyed our convention in London and the way the business was conducted.  She spoke on the Detax movement stating that Canadian unions have to lead the way.  She added that they have been looking at ways to crack the armour of the Detax movement, that they will support a legal offensive and that PSAC will pay for legal costs.  She also spoke about an agreement with CCRA to a Joint Study on Term Employment, i.e. if the Treasury Board Term Policy results in term workers being made indeterminate after two years, the same policy will be implemented by the CCRA.  She briefly commented on the 2 to1 split by saying that her commitment to resolve the issue stands and that as soon as the information is provided, she will convene a meeting and decisions will be rendered in short order.  In closing, sister Turmel pointed out that UTE and PSAC are strong and united on bargaining, that we have the resources to defend and protect our members and that we can move forward as one united union and challenge the employers, the privatizers and the detaxers at every turn.


Brother Campbell assumed the Chair while sister Bannon met with sister Turmel on a few issues.




The National EO Committee reported.  The chair and committee members updated the Presidents on what was addressed during their last meeting on September 8-9.  They commented on the resolutions that were passed at convention.  They also mentioned that the Canadian Human Rights Commission has started the audit on the Employment Equity Program at CCRA.  The process is aimed at assessing the degree of compliance to the legislation.  The first step of the audit is a questionnaire.  A copy of the answers submitted by CCRA to the CHRC was sent to all the locals and is available at the National Office. The new self-identification survey from CCRA is welcomed by UTE.   Sisters Cassidy, Ruel and Brother Dupuis will be attending, the CCRA Employment Equity Summit in Ottawa next week.  The theme of the Summit is "Towards the Future – Building on our Successes".


Recess for lunch


The meeting was called to order at , with Sister Bannon in the chair.


Sister Bannon reported that Sister Turmel has not yet received a reply to her letter to Mrs. Robillard on the bilingual bonus.  Sister Turmel heard Mrs. Robillard stating at an NJC conference the week before that she believes the bilingual bonus was not effective and that she would like to abolish it.  Sister Bannon pointed out that this issue concerns Treasury Board and does not affect us at this point.


With respect to the 2 to 1 split, Sister Bannon asked to be provided with names, classification and grade, section were CEUDA members work, PSAC ID number, by October 10th, 2002 from the following locals:


Head Office -Tax side only

Sudbury Office

All TSOs who have CEUDA members with no CEUDA representative on site.



Collective Bargaining Committee


Denis Brunette was elected as TSO representative to the Collective Bargaining Committee.


John Kosiba was elected as TC representative to the Collective Bargaining Committee.


Staffing Committee


Jim Little was elected as TSO representative to the Staffing Committee.


Madonna Gardiner was elected as TC representative to the Staffing Committee.


Technological Changes Committee


Brian Olford was elected to the Technological Changes Committee.


Health and Safety Committee


Norbert Wenzel was elected to the Health and Safety Committee.


Equal Opportunities Committee


Darlene Bembridge was elected to the Equal Opportunities Committee.


Employees Assistance Program Committee


Doug Gaetz  was elected to the EAP Committee.


Finance  Committee


Bruce Wilson was elected to the Finance Committee.


Workforce Adjustment Committee


Dave Shaw was elected as the TSO representative to the WFA Committee.


Margie Hancock was elected as the TC representative to the WFA Committee.


Harassment Committee


David Quist was elected to the Harassment Committee.

Communications Committee


Barry Melanson was elected to the Communications Committee.


M/S/C             N. Pelletier / D. Gaetz


That the ballots be destroyed.




21.       Sun Life Card (Sherbrooke)


Local:              Is there an update on the issue.


Chair:                          It is in the hands of the PSAC and there is no development.  She will bring the issue to the next NBoD at the end of September 2002.


22.       UTE Newsletter (Edmonton)


Local:                          Stated that a resolution went to convention and due to unfinished business it was referred to the Executive Council.  As a result, it has been given to the National Communications Committee. The local would like to hear on that issue.


Chair:                          The specifics will be dealt with by the Communications Committee and the committee is to report back to the Executive Council in December.  Please send any input, information or comments for the Communications Committee to the national office.


Point of privilege – A. Gill, Toronto East Local


I will be seeking support from UTE for the position of REVP for the Ontario region at the next PSAC Convention.


The point of privilege is well taken by the Chair.

23.       UTE National Soccer Tournament (Saint John)


M/S/D             A. Melanson / D. Gaetz


Be it Resolved that the Union of Taxation Employees allocate the sum of up to $50,000 to sponsor soccer tournaments in various communities throughout the county;


                        Be it Further Resolved that this amount be funded from surplus;


Be it Further Resolved that from this fund, locals will be allocated monies on the basis of – for everyone dollar of a local contribution, UTE will match the contribution to a maximum of $750.00 per local;


Be it Further Resolved that to be eligible for this funding, a local must agree to participate in the delegated activities surrounding the Local event.


Many locals agreed on the concept of the motion but not on the allocation of this amount of money toward this kind of event.


24.       Evaluations for terms and perms (Ottawa Technology Center)


Local:                          Stated that for evaluation and recall purposes, if a term employee takes a day off sick the employee is perceived as non-reliable.


Chair:                          Suggested to bring this issue to the Local UMC meeting and then to the RVP.


25.       Grievances re. King decision - Definition of a day (St. John’s)


Local:              Do we have a time frame?


Stein:                          Chairperson of the WFA confirmed that the PSAC will not wait for Federal Court of Appeal on the decision of the King case before proceeding to the PSSRB. 


Chair:                          Members should grieve until the decision is rendered and if you want the definition of a day to be changed, include it in your demands when the call letter goes out.

26.       Unauthorized Access (St. Catharines)


Local:                          Is this going on across the country that members are disciplined for accessing taxpayer personal information?


A few Locals said yes they are experiencing the same situations.  It was added that this is viewed as a threat for other members.


Chair:                          It has been made very clear by the union (bulletins) as well as by the employer not to do that.


One page information sheet will be sent to CCRA with my signature for their website and/or e-mail distribution.


27.       Website/Collective Bargaining (Edmonton)


Local:                          Encouraged the National Office to update our website with issues on Collective Bargaining.


28.       Joint Training (St. Catharines)


Local:                          There are joint initiatives TB and PSAC on training such as: Interpreting your contract.  Are we working on the same line with CCRA?


Chair:              No we are not.  If someone puts in a bargaining demand we might.


29.       Notice to bargain (St. John’s)


This item was withdrawn by the submitting local.


30.       Isolated Posts (Edmonton)


Local:                          Do any locals have members who avail themselves of the isolated post policy?  We have in Edmonton.


                                                One in Yellowknife and one in Ottawa TSO.



Sister Bannon reminded the delegation to send the CEUDA names to the National Office, the evaluation forms, the OSH delegate survey and the harassment statistics.  She said that Council will be very busy with important issues for the upcoming months and that they will have a retreat to plan for the next three years. A notice to bargain will be filed August 1st, 2003.  She wished all a safe trip home!


The meeting adjourned at .