UTE Moose is Loose

January 25, 2018

UTE started a fun project to engage every Local.  The National Office prepared a box containing the UTE Moose, wearing the UTE logo.  This box was sent to the first local on the list with instructions to take pictures of the moose with the executive, possibly near landmarks and then to send the moose on to the next local.  Each local would then send the photos to the National Office.  Here are some of the photos:

January 25, 2018: Toronto North

December 25, 2017: Christmas

October 12, 2017: Kitchener

September 24, 2017: Hamilton

September 6, 2017: London

August 1, 2017: Windsor

June 21, 2017: Kingston

May 3, 2017: Peterborough

May 1, 2017: Sudbury

April 15, 2017: Thunder Bay


October 25, 2016: Edmonton

Chris Beaton, Local President

September 4: Saskatoon

At the office

August 19: Lethbridge

July 17: Calgary

April 7: Calgary Call Centre

March 31: Pacific Region Call Centre

February 12: Surrey

January 28th: Vancouver

The UTE Moose dropped by the Vancouver TSO.
The UTE Moose chaired Local 20027's monthly meeting.
The UTE Moose visited the Olympic Cauldron.

December 23rd-28th: Burnaby Fraser

UTE Moose with the Local Executive
The UTE Moose let Santa know that he wanted a Collective Agreement for all the UTE members.
UTE Moose and UTE Sock Monkeys

December 21st: Victoria

November 25th: Kelowna

The moose with the Kelowna Blue Bear
The moose at a secret supper club with Sue Moser, Susan Yaciw and Heather Held
The moose with Kelowna's legendary lake monster, Ogopogo and Sue Moser

November 20th:  Penticton

The moose had front row seats at the game and even decided to participate.
The moose had front row seats at the game and even decided to participate.
Unfortunately the referee kicked him out of the game early.

October 16th : Northern BC and Yukon 

Mr. PG, Prince George with the Local Executive
The moose is shopping for Vancouver souvenirs