PSAC-UTE bargaining team tables wage proposals

PSAC-UTE members deserve fair wage increases and enhanced job protection, and our bargaining team is fighting for just that. The PSAC-UTE bargaining team met with the Canada Revenue Agency July 12-14 to continue negotiations for a new collective agreement. While there was considerable discussion, little progress is being made at the table.

The PSAC-UTE bargaining team tabled their wage proposals and is looking to achieve fair annual wage increases that – at a minimum – meet current inflationary trends.

Our team is also looking for a market adjustment that would close the gap between PSAC-UTE members and former co-workers at the Canada Border Services Agency. Members have worked hard during the pandemic, delivering financial relief to thousands of Canadians when it was needed most. Members deserve to be compensated appropriately. (view wage proposals at bottom of the page)

Protecting jobs against contracting out

Last year, the CRA contracted out work that would normally be done by PSAC-UTE members. This call centre work was contracted out to a low-wage American firm that has been accused of security breaches in the United States. PSAC-UTE successfully campaigned against this contract and it was not renewed. However, more than 200 jobs were eliminated as the result of contracting out by the CRA in the 2010s.

We are working towards a collective agreement that prevents the practice of contracting out. People doing the work of our members should be subject to – and have the benefit of – our collective agreement.

The CRA has rejected these proposals, but our union will hold its position.

Our bargaining team also tabled proposals that would greatly improve job security for union members, improve access to remote work opportunities, and ensure that years of service are properly recognized by the Agency.

Next steps

Our team expects a response to these proposals and the wage proposal when they return to the negotiating table in late August.

CRA management continues to seek concessions. Your PSAC-UTE bargaining team stressed that they are ready to negotiate, but are looking for improvements for our members, not steps backwards.

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