PSAC-UTE bargaining: Hours of work, remote work top priorities

The PSAC-UTE bargaining team discussed key bargaining priorities including hours of work and remote work during negotiations with Canada Revenue Agency March 28-30.

Our team also tabled proposals to provide greater protection against discrimination in CRA workplaces, and to ensure mandatory training to all employees on anti-oppression and discrimination.

The team reiterated the importance of access to remote work, having previously tabled proposals to ensure that management cannot unreasonably deny remote work arrangements.

More than 33,000 PSAC-UTE members have continued to roll out historic support to Canadians throughout the pandemic. Now, our members should be able to rely on the government for a fair deal at the bargaining table.

Hours of work, vacation scheduling

The team made considerable progress on vacation leave scheduling and also discussed more options for employees who are looking for greater work-life balance during the workday, along with the proposal to provide time during working hours to members who are nursing.

The PSAC-UTE team has made proposals to provide better access to compressed work-week options, provide enhanced notice when employees’ hours are changed, and ensure employees’ years of service count for something when decisions are made concerning evening work.

During bargaining, CRA continues to push for concessions, but our team has been clear that we are interested in negotiating improvements for our members, not taking steps backwards.

Next steps and show your support

We are scheduled to return to the bargaining table in early May.

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