PSAC members ratify new pact with Canada Revenue Agency

November 30, 2007

OTTAWA – A strong majority of Public Service Alliance of Canada (PSAC) members have voted in favour of accepting a tentative agreement with the Canada Revenue Agency.  The settlement had been negotiated before the expiry date of the old agreement, a remarkable achievement in the federal public sector.

While we achieved an agreement in record time, we did not sacrifice important demands in the process,” says PSAC national president John Gordon.  “Significant gains were made in wages, job security for term workers and improved benefits for part-time workers.

According to Betty Bannon, national president of the Union of Taxation Employees (UTE) component of the PSAC, members have been impressed with the speed of the negotiations.  “We achieved a goal the union set when the Agency was first formed, to eventually be able to negotiate a new agreement before the old one had expired.

This agreement sees the conversion of former classifications in the bargaining unit to a new Agency classification standard.  While the amounts will vary by individual, the average increase as a result of the conversion is 1.67%.  After the salaries are converted to the new standard effective November 1, the workers will also receive an economic increase of 2.5%.  Further wage increases during the life of the contract are 2.5% effective November 1, 2008 and 2.5% effective November 1, 2009.

Over 400 term workers will immediately see a change in their status as a result of a change in the Agency’s term employment policy.
Effective November 1, 2007 term workers who have accumulated five years of service, without a break of 30 days or more anytime during the accumulation of this service, will automatically become indeterminate.

Part-time workers will now enjoy enhanced benefits including improved overtime provisions.  Overall, there are also improvements to personal and bereavement leaves and some improvement in vacation leave.  

PSAC served notice to bargain and exchanged bargaining demands with the CRA at the beginning of July.  The union was able to reach a tentative agreement by conducting intensive negotiations over a total period of just under 20 days.

PSAC represents 26,000 workers at CRA.  The new agreement, which will expire on October 31, 2010, is being signed on December 3.

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For information:  John Gordon, PSAC national president, 613-222-4617 or Betty Bannon, UTE national president 613-266-5956