Party Platforms (Promises)

October 7, 2015

Attached is a comparison of party platforms and promises to date.  It is by no means an exhaustive list and several things should be taken into consideration while reading. Platforms are being added to on a daily basis. This is simply a snapshot to this point.

Green and Bloc are silent, or at least it is difficult to find information, on several items – this was not a conscious decision to ignore - it was simply based on availability.

The order of how they were listed is unintentional other than the three major parties were listed in order of seats at dissolution.  Read nothing more into that please, this was not meant to be a partisan document. Apart from one item (the GST), we only dealt with platform issues where we could find at least two platforms from different parties.

Sent on behalf of the Political Action Committee

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Robert Campbell
National President, UTE

Party Platforms (Promises)

The Economy

Conservative Party of Canada

New Democratic Party

Liberal Party of Canada

Green Party of Canada

Bloc Quebecois


Introduced Balanced Budget Legislation and promises to balance the budget

Promised to balance its first budget

Would run modest deficits until they saw growth

Corporate and Business Tax

Lowered corporate taxes to 12%. Promises to lower small business tax to 9%

Will raise corporate taxes to 17% and close loopholes.  Will lower small business tax to 9%

Committed to maintain the current corporate tax structure

End corporate bailouts, raise corporate taxes and keep small business taxes low

Increase Corporate taxes to 16.5%, raise tax rates to 20% on banks and oil companies

Personal Tax

Increase tax rate to 33% for those earning over $200,000.  Reduce the rate for those earning $44,700-$89,400

Impose 1.5% extra tax on those earning above $150,000


Abolish the GST on books


Raised from $5,500 to $10,000

Will revert to $5,500

Will revert to $5,500


Does not support a federal minimum wage

Proposed a $15/hr federal minimum wage

Does not support a federal minimum wage of $15/hr

Income Splitting


Will Cancel

Will Cancel

Social Issues

Mail Delivery

Moving to community mailboxes

Will restore door-to-door delivery

Will restore door-to-door delivery

Maintain home delivery in Quebec


Eliminated long-form census

Will restore long-form census

Will restore long-form census

Child Care

Increased the Universal Child Care Benefit

Will introduce $15/day national childcare program, honour the Universal Child Care Benefit

Work to provide access to affordable childcare, introduce income-tested tax-free benefit for those making less than $150K

Post-Secondary Education

Increase transfer funds to provinces to lower tuition, eliminate interest on student loans

Invest more in education with bursaries and loans

Invest in undergraduate research fellowships

Health Care

Committed to increasing the Health Care Transfer “on a predictable and sustainable path” over the next 5 years

Invest $300 million to build new health care clinics, hire 7000 doctors and nurse practitioners, 5000 more hospital beds, national plan to improve access to prescription drugs

Committed to working with the provinces, improve wait times, improve affordability of prescription drugs and home-care

Drug Use

National toll-free line, increase funding to RCMP Clandestine Laboratory Team, considering a new police ticketing procedure for small amounts of marijuana

Immediately decriminalize marijuana possession

Immediately legalize marijuana

Legalize and regulate marijuana

Public Transit

$750 million over two years and $1B annually thereafter

$1.3B annually over next 20 years

$6B over next 4 years and almost $20B over the next 20 years


Introduced pension income splitting in 2007, raised the age of eligibility for Old Age Security to 67 from 65, will consider additional voluntary Canada Pension Plan contributions

Will keep pension income splitting, will boost the Guaranteed Income Supplement by $400 million annually, will restore the age of eligibility for Old Age Security to 65

Will legislate additional CPP contributions, will restore the age of eligibility for Old Age Security to 65, boost the Guaranteed Income Supplement by 10%

Aboriginal Affairs

Truth and Reconciliation Commission Report

Study the recommendations

Consult with first nations and prioritize the implementation of the Commission’s recommendations

Implement full recommendations

Act on the Commission’s recommendations

Missing and Murdered Aboriginal Women

Call public inquiry within 100 days

Call public inquiry

Call public Inquiry

Nutrition North

Commitment to fix the program by increasing funding and eligibility

Have called the program a failure and have voted on motions to increase eligibility

Aboriginal Education

Funded new skills training programs

Invest in First Nations education

Increase First Nations education spending by $2.6B over 4 years


Electoral System

Status Quo, introduce legislation that a national referendum would have to be held before the system is changed

Replace the First-Past-The-Post system with Mixed Member Proportional Representation

Eliminate the First-Past-The-Post system and study ranked ballots, proportional representation, mandatory voting and online voting

Eliminate the First-Past-The-Post system and consult on proportional representation

The Senate

Self-imposed moratorium on appointments, favours electing the senators or eliminating the Senate but this is on hold

Abolish the Senate

Favours a non-partisan independent appointment board for Senators, not allowed to sit in caucus

Elect Senators

Parliamentary Budget Officer

Created in 2006

To make the officer fully independent and free from influence

Strengthen the role of independent parliamentary watchdog agencies


Bill C-51

Passed in 2015

Would repeal Bill C-51

Voted for C-51 but would introduce oversight if elected

Favours more oversight

Veterans Affairs

$193 million towards services for veterans

Re-open 9 offices

Re-open 9 offices

Provide Veterans Affairs the resources it needs to service veterans

Foreign Aid

$3.5B towards maternal and child health in Africa

Increase foreign aid to 0.7% of gross national income

Reverse the dropping trend of foreign aid as a percentage of GDP

Development assistance to the poorest of the poor


Climate Change/Emissions

Sector by sector regulations, low carbon footprint by 2050 end to fossil fuels by end of century,

Create cap and trade system, redirect $1B from fossil fuel subsidies to clean energy initiatives

Work with provinces to put a price on carbon

Introduce a carbon fee, reduce emission to 40% less than 2005 levels by 2025

Keystone XL Pipeline




Public Service and Unions

C-59 Sick Leave


Committed to undo the changes in C-59 regarding sick leave.

Opposed to the provisions regarding sick leave, will ensure bargaining is “fair and reasonable”

Collective Bargaining

Will honour the process as determined by the courts as a right, will repeal any legislation that contains language contrary to that right

Has committed to respect the bargaining process and the “important role unions play”

Bill C-377         Bill C-525

Introduced both

Will repeal both

Will repeal both

Canada Revenue Agency

Commitment to cracking down on tax evasion and money laundering

“significant overhaul” to fight international tax evasion and ending “political harassment” of charities

Public Service As a Whole

No new spending cuts, Establish a code of conduct for ministers and their staff to “ensure ministers stop blaming the public service when things go wrong, introduce legislation to better protect the anonymity of whistleblowers

Spending review, new performance standards for services offered by the federal government, starting with veterans’ services, immigration processing, Employment Insurance and Canada Pension Plan processing, and appeals at the Social Security Tribunal