National Public Service Week: Still here for Canada

June 15, 2020

This National Public Service Week— June 14 to 20—PSAC is celebrating and honouring the critical role of Canada’s federal public service workers. Never have their important contributions been highlighted so starkly than by the COVID-19 pandemic.  

PSAC members—over 140,000 of whom are in the federal public service—have worked tirelessly to support Canadians through this pandemic. 

In the earliest days of the crisis, these members worked around the clock to repatriate tens of thousands of Canadians who suddenly found themselves stranded across the globe. Soon after, they began processing and delivering financial support to millions of Canadians in record time through a range of new relief programs. And throughout this crisis, they ensured that critical government services—such as keeping the food supply safe and maintaining border security—remained uninterrupted, even when the cost was direct exposure to COVID-19. 

With many forced to do their jobs at home, with schools and childcare unavailable, the majority turned their home lives upside down in order to keep working. PSAC members have shown great dedication and reaffirmed the critical role of public services in the lives of all Canadians.  

As your employer continues to delay getting back to the bargaining table, know that your union will be relentless until you get the fair deal you deserve for your extraordinary commitment and work.

And as the government begins planning for an eventual return to the workplace, we will work tirelessly to ensure your safety at work, and fight back against changes that threaten your rights. 

Thank you for helping our country get through this crisis, and for once again being here for Canada

Happy National Public Service Week!