GTA Service Modernization

August 10, 2017

To:      Membership in the Greater Toronto Region

Re:      GTA Service Modernization

Sisters and Brothers,

On June 28th, the CRA Ontario Region announced the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) Service Modernization plan.  This plan caused significant concern within our membership in the Greater Toronto Region. These concerns are shared by the National Office of the Union of Taxation Employees. This includes but is not limited to physical relocation and a major disruption to ‘work-life’ balance for many of our members.

Immediately after being made aware of this plan, UTE attempted to obtain full disclosure from the employer at the National and Regional levels.  The National Office, Regional Vice-Presidents, Local representatives and members have been actively discussing and consulting with the CRA regarding this issue.  The collective action has led to a renewed commitment from the CRA, delaying the implementation model and instituting a consultation framework over the course of the next few months, allowing employees to provide details of their particular situations, personalized options, ideas and suggestions for moving forward.

Discussions between UTE representatives and CRA officials are taking place on a regular basis at all levels. 

The UTE Political Action Committee is developing an action plan for assisting our members and activists to discuss this Service Modernization plan with the employer and their Members of Parliament. The action plan will be finalized in the coming weeks and will be communicated to you as soon as possible. You may be called upon to take further actions as the need arises.

Your continuous support is crucial during this process.

Rest assure that UTE will continue to help and support its members in order to minimize the impacts associated with this initiative.

In Solidarity,

Marc Brière
National President
Union of Taxation Employees