Government announcement on mandatory vaccination against COVID-19

Sisters, Brothers and Friends

The federal government today announced a new policy requiring mandatory vaccination against COVID-19 for federal public service employees.

PSAC has issued a response to this announcement. PSAC has also published a FAQ entitled "Your rights at work: Vaccinations and COVID-19".

Please note that this policy applies only to the core public administration, including the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, and does not apply to separate agencies and employers such as the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA).

That being said, the CRA has informed us that it supports and will follow this new policy direction.

Pursuant to the Canada Revenue Agency Act, the Agency has its own human resources policies, directives and procedures.   As such, it will require additional time to modify its policy instruments accordingly.

The employer has committed to consulting with us before implementing the new policy and we expect it to be in place later this fall.

While the vast majority of our members are fully vaccinated, UTE will defend its unvaccinated members and will advocate for their rights. We will represent those who will be subject to punitive measures because of their vaccination status.

While we understand that members may be polarized over the principle of vaccination, as a union, we have the duty by law to represent the interests and rights of all of our members. We would hope that members will not be divided on this issue and that we all remain committed to a respectful workplace and professional relationship with all of our colleagues.

We will continue to engage with the employer and express our concerns about the future policy and will work tirelessly to ensure that it is implemented in a manner that respects the health and safety of our members, human rights and the duty to accommodate, and the right to privacy.

We will provide you with more information as it becomes available.

In Solidarity,

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Marc Brière
National President
Union of Taxation Employees