Daily Convention Highlights – August 18

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Our third day of the Convention opened with 188 delegates, 11 guests, 12 Life and Honorary Members, 89 observers and 15 staff members.

The General Resolutions Committee was called back up to continue with Resolution 301.  As requested the previous day, a secret ballot was taken.  Resolution 301’s recommendation of concurrence was defeated. 

Jean Bergeron, chair of the Nominations and Elections Committee gave explanations and instructions for the regional elections.

After lunch, the Credentials Committee reported 188 delegates, 12 guests, 12 Life and Honorary Members, 89 observers and 15 staff members.

The By-Laws Resolutions Committee was called up and began with Resolution 431 which would change the regulations to make the position of 2nd Vice-president a paid full-time position.  After much debate, the question was called, and the committee’s recommendation of concurrence was carried.  The next two Resolutions, 432 and 433 which updated the by-laws to include the 2nd VP, were carried unanimously.

Time was set aside to offer a special tribute to Senior Labour Relations Officer, Shane O’Brien who will be retiring at the end of September.  Shane has been involved with the union for many years, starting with his local, then as RVP for the Atlantic Region before joining the staff of the Union of Taxation Employees where he began as a labour relations officer before moving to the senior labour relations position. Shane is an Honorary Member of UTE (awarded 2014).  Representatives from all ten regions spoke of Brother O’Brien’s support and guidance over the years. National President, Marc Brière spoke about his reliance on Shane’s council and how much he will be missed.  Life Member and previous UTE National President, Betty Bannon joined us virtually to express her thanks for all Shane has done over the years, as well as tell a few stories.