Daily Convention Highlights

July 22, 2017

Election Results: Convention 2017

Results for UTE National President and Vice-Presidents are as follows:

National President:
Marc Brière

First National Vice-President:
Doug Gaetz

Second National Vice-President:
Adam Jackson

Results for UTE Regional Vice-Presidents and Alternate Regional Vice-Presidents are as follows:

Atlantic Region:
Regional Vice-President: Doug Gaetz
Alternate Regional Vice-president: Brian Oldford
Second Alternate Regional Vice-president: Michelle Neill

Quebec Region:
Regional Vice-President:  Jérôme Martel
Alternate Regional Vice-President: Josée Verret

Montreal Region:
Regional Vice-President: Daniel Camara
Alternate Regional Vice-President: Eddy Aristil
Second Alternate Regional Vice-President: Annick Lamoureux

National Capital Region:
Regional Vice-President: Linda Koenders
Alternate Regional Vice-President: David Lanthier

Prairie Region:
Regional Vice-President: Gary Esslinger
Alternate Regional Vice-President: Jeff Sexton

Rocky Mountains Region:
Regional Vice-President: Greg Krokosh
Alternate Regional Vice-President: Chris Beaton

Pacific Region:
Regional Vice-President: Kimberley Koch
Alternate Regional Vice-President: Terry Ruyter

Northern and Eastern Ontario Region:
Regional Vice-President: Cosimo Crupi
Alternate Regional Vice-President: Chris Foucault

Greater Toronto Region:
Regional Vice-President: Ken Bye
Alternate Regional Vice-President: Selby Hewitt

Southwestern Ontario Region:
Regional Vice-President: Jamie vanSydenborgh
Alternate Regional Vice-President: Jennifer MacPherson

Other highlights:

On the final day of convention there were 166 delegates, 25 guests, 2 honorary members, 15 life members and 122 observers for a total of 330 participants.  The Finance Resolutions Committee was called up on the referral of resolution 1.  The committee accepted the recommendation of changing the dues increase to 0.75 in each of 2018, 2019 and 2020.  The resolution was carried.

The By-Laws Resolutions Committee was called up to deal with its non-concurrence resolutions.  All of the non-concurrence recommendations were carried.

The Bargaining Resolutions Committee was called up to deal with its non-concurrence resolutions.  All of the non-concurrence recommendations were carried.

Two late resolutions were not accepted.

The General Resolutions Committee was called up to deal with its non-concurrence resolutions.  Resolution 302’s recommendation of non-concurrence was carried.  Resolution 303’s recommendation of non-concurrence was rejected.  A move for concurrence was carried and the resolution was accepted. This resolution creates and makes available an awareness and reference guide on compassion fatigue.