Daily Convention Highlights

July 21, 2017

On the third day, regional elections were held in the morning and convention opened in the afternoon with 166 delegates, 24 guests, 2 honorary members, 15 life members and 122 observers for a total of 329 participants.

Ed Smith from the International Children’s Awareness (ICA), UTE’s charity of choice, addressed the participants.  He spoke of the work that ICA does and thanked UTE for 13 years of support.  Mr. Smith received a standing ovation.

The By-Laws Resolutions Committee was called up and started with resolution 410, the second be it resolved that would add a Call Centre President’s Representative position to the UTE Staffing Committee.  The committee’s recommendation of concurrence was carried. 

The Finance Resolutions Committee was called up to deal with the referral of resolution 5.  The amended resolution carried over the unused portion of the Regional / Inter-Regional Conferences budget line item to 2020 and starting with the 2021 to 2023 budget cycle, any used portion of the line item could be carried over during that cycle. The committee recommendation was carried.

On the motion of reconsideration on resolution 1, a motion to refer was made with instruction to modify the increase to 0.75 in each of the three years.  The motion was carried.

The General Resolutions Committee was called up to deal with its concurrence items.  Concurrence resolutions 301, 304(a), 305(a), 309, 310 and 311 were carried.  Resolution 312 was defeated.